Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is Waifuist.pro all about?

An imageboard dedicated to people who waifu or admire the female beauty of actors, models, dancers and social media influencers.

2. What are the rules here?

  • No pornographic talk or nudity of girls under 18
  • No photos of girls under 18 taken private or public settings without their consent (creepshots)
  • No material that contains private information (addresses, phone numbers, undisclosed locations etc.)
  • Post girls with a social media presence (publishing original content, engaging with their communities)
  • Or photography of girls from notable photographers or a social media presence
  • All pornography must be spoiled including mp4, gifs and pics
  • No pictures from modeling companies like "Candydoll", "Silverstars" or similar places
  • No gore, extreme /rekted/ material
  • No spam related trolling

Not following will lead to a warning and/or ban.

3. Why was my post deleted?

Posts will be deleted if they break a rule, or if they violate the spirit of the board.

Waifuist is especially wary of candid photographs with unknown origins. Any such images with a seedy or suggestive tone will be removed. Solicitation of these images is also forbidden.

4. Ew. why are there so many tripfags here?

Tripping in the early days (as far back as our days on Chlomo.org) was always just part of being a community. We aren't against nontrippers but doing so/having an identity always aided with getting to know each other better.

5. You do realize waifu is meant for 2D girls, right?

We do. In fact, despite the opinion of maybe one or two, we were never anti 2D girls. Just in the creation of the place and over the years, the audience that came to us were mostly into 3DPD.

6. I found /waifuist/ on other chans, do those have anything to do with you guys?

Unless otherwise stated, this is the only /waifuist/ linked site that exists.

7. OMG, There is someone posting a waifu I don't like! How do I stop them from posting her?!

You don't. We have a diverse group of people. And with that means diverse taste. And we try our best to celebrate that within limits. So the likelihood of seeing something someone won't like is high.

8. Why are there so many girls I've never heard of? Who are these girls anyway? Are they even famous?

What defines a famous person or a celeb these days has changed a lot these days. There was always Hollywood famous, of course. But as social media has grown to into a medium that rivals TV and movies, so has the girls you can discover and fall for in the process while using it. But waifuing in our eyes was never restricted to JUST celebs in Hollywood.

9. I'm a millionaire and would like to donate to waifuist.pro monthly costs, how do I do that?

Currently we aren't taking donations for the chan. In the future it is possible that we will though.

10. Can I make my own board here?

As of now, no. We are just starting out and just getting through the trial period of running this place. But feel free to email us at officialwaifuist@protonmail.ch suggestions for boards and we might consider it.

11. I would like to report something posted, how can i do this? (DMCA Notice)

To make a DMCA request for removal of content, email: officialwaifuist@protonmail.ch

Posting Help:


To use a tripcode, add a # in your name. After the #, add the password for the tripcode.

The server will apply a hash to the password and display the hashed password.

To use a secure tripcode, add ## in your name and a password. A secure tripcode will generate a random text to be displayed that will only be used if your password matches.

Role signature

If you wish to display your global or board role when posting, you can put #rs in your name, like a tripcode, case insensitive. This will prevent you from using a tripcode.

You can also enable an always use role signature rule in your account settings.


When posting you can use some tools that will enhance its text in HTML.


If you add a > in the start of a line, it will greentext the text until it finds a new line.


>le ebin upboat :^) -> >le ebin upboat :^)


If you write >> and then a number to a posting, it will create a link to this post in the board you are posting and add a tooltip with the post preview if you have javascript enabled.


>>50 -> >>50

Board link

If you write >>> and then add a board name between slashes, it will create a link to the board.


>>>/boardname/ -> >>>/boardname/


It is also possible to quote posts from another boards. Just add the posting number after the board name.


>>>/boardname/50 -> >>>/boardname/50


[spoiler]This is a spoiler.[/spoiler] -> This is a spoiler.

**This also works.** -> This also works.

==redtext heading== -> colorful text (Must be on its own line)

''italics'' -> italics

'''bold''' -> bold

__underline__ -> underline

~~strikethrough~~ -> strikethrough

##party hard text## -> party hard text (Must be on its own line)

=#rainbow text#= -> rainbow text (Must be on its own line)

[aa] for japanese characters

[code] tags if enabled by board owner


If you post a url starting with either http or https, it will automatically be linked.


http://bot.net -> http://bot.net