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can anyone help me id this model

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Movie and TV Show Discussion Thread

Movie Nights Fridays and Mondays* A list of things we've already watched in order from news to oldest: First Movie Reviewed: Becky Average Waifuist Score: 3.5

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REQ: Reference Images

Does anybody here have any pictures of starlets/waifus that would work well as reference images for 3D modeling?

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The official Waifuist Flat Earth Thread

All things for flat earth proof

It will be added to in time :)

And to debate

Cute girls welcome.

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Hi there, Some of you may know me, or not, its been many years since I made one of my 1 and a half hour long compilation movies. I've been looking for a place like this since they all seemed to have vanished. I would love to make a brand new "Guyver movie" if you guys would be interested and then post a download link here. Cheers, The Guyver

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Music Thread!

Post and talk about tunes, bops, and maaaybe some ditties

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Wallpaper thread

just for wallpaper stuff

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CG Chart 2020

I made a CG/LGF chart for fun. Feel free to use it, make suggestions or report issues. ❤️

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Youtube Video Central

>Post favorite Youtube channels you enjoy watching
>Post favorite Youtube videos

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Animals & Nature

Animals & Nature

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Food Thread

>Share pics of the foods you ate today
>Share pics of the foods you wish you ate
>Share pics of the foods that will make everyone else really hungry

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MP4/WEBM/GIF (non-waifoo)

Let's break those global rules!