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The official Waifuist Flat Earth Thread Looms 03/19/2019 (Tue) 09:58:36 No. 474
All things for flat earth proof

It will be added to in time :)

And to debate

Cute girls welcome.
Using bitchute now because youtube attacks anything flat earth in a aggressive way. https://www.bitchute.com/video/XvAwLc7FZm2z/ classic teaching aid. But very very basic in the flat earth topic. This is things children would be teach in school.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87M2i61N1cU eye open video for you. Proof of geocentricity. The earth does not move and is the center of the "universe" all the universe is is just earth and the sky and the heavens. Not space. Sadly Malcom believes the earth is a ball and in space. But he understands the earth is motionless.
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Intellectual honesty. I like to test you now. Okay so, if I tell to you water is not wet. What will you answer be? You will say, no you're wrong Looms, water is wet. And I will ask you, how do you know it is wet? And you might say to me, well On my years on earth here i have experienced water as wet, if I touch water I get wet, I can sense the water is wet, i feel it. My hands becomes wet. And so i will say, okay so you can find for yourself the water is wet. And I would be defeated and show to me i am wrong. NOW I make now a claim that the sun is smaller than earth. And you will say to me, no Looms you're wrong. And I will say okay how do you know the sun is bigger than earth. And you will say 1)NASA tells me 2)NASA prove to me with science 3NASA shows to me pictures 4)My teacher tells me so in school 5)I learn this fact as a child and everyone believes it so. And I say to you, okay so non of the answers you experience yourself? And your answer is always NO So you thinking the earth is smaller than sun is given to you by other humans who claim. You did not test it for your own experience. So you must be honest, you have only a belief and trust the sun is bigger than earth.
Today I will talk of this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans-Australian_Railway The trans Australian railway. The railway includes the longest stretch of straight track in the world. A Commonwealth Railways map marks the western end as 793 miles from Port Augusta, between Loongana and Nurina, and states: "The 'Long Straight' extends from this point for a distance of 297 miles and terminates at the 496 miles [sic] between Ooldea and Watson. The long straight 297 miles of railway track. Railway track must be even and level or the train will derail. You can not have curved track. So let us now calculate here.... The earth curve calc tells me 296 miles on a curve earth will give 58000 ft of curve. Imagine that in your mind. 58000 ft. It is about over 11 MILES of curve. If you believe the globe earth you also believe the track curves 11 miles but is also straight and level to the ground. If you understand this then you also understand no curve on earth. Also on the wiki, they know this it is why they add "According to former astronaut Andy Thomas, the line is identifiable from space because of its unnatural straightness: "It's a very fine line, it's like someone has drawn a very fine pencil line across the desert" They must add this, always the space lie to something not even relate to space. Because anyone who thinks for themself is in danger to see the truth from the fact of this rail track.
Anyone have something to say about this? Serious thoughts. I am interest to know what you think.
>>1114 Merry Christmas Tommy, hope you have a happy day. :)
Any discuss with me apparent horizon vs physical earth curve? A ball earth must have physical horizon, but we do not see any evidence for it. Ball earth believers ignore perspective and talk about the size of objects in the distance as there actual size not apparent size with distance. They use this to explain things vanish in the distance, they claim behind the earth curve. But the truth is on a flat plane you can not see forever because of perspective and things shrink with distance from the observer. The viewing angle become so small, no resolution can be made by the eye. And not even to account for distortion of the air which act so as a lenns.
(114.61 KB 1280x720 934adf.jpg)
>>1143 I can always see a horizon...
>>1101 Through a telescope with UV light filters I have seen sun is bigger than Earth. Not hard to prove. Find me something harder.
>>1145 Yeah the horizon is apparent. Not actual.
Everyone has their own horizon. It's not an actual curve edge. It's all perspective.
>>1146 how did you tell the sun was bigger than earth?
I do not believe in flat earth. Show me picture of flat earth. You cannot. All flat earth pictures are faked. Flat earth is a conspiracy designed to cause dissent and spark war among the people. Moon, sun, other planets, we can see are orbs through telescopes. Did earth get squashed and become flat? No. More lies. If earth got squashed there would be a massive explosion and earth would most likely be rubble. And if not rubble, and earth magically became flat, our oceans would drain out the bottom. All the lava for volcanoes would be pushed to the surface and burn us all. No more geothermal activity from our core. A flat earth would not be able to hold an orbit around the sun and we would be flung violently into space. Like a Frisbee. No flat earth photo is real. All lies. Just governments trying to turn people against people.
>>1149 Distance of light over time by size. Not hard. You can math the size of a tennis ball from a long distance away.
>>1147 If it is not actual, how is it apparent?
>>1152 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZ_yfQfBY-E The horizon is apparent because it's not an actual curve edge obstruction. The horizon is apparent only to the observer, there is no curve edge. My horizon is different to your horizon. If I am stood on your shoulder, or if i zoom in, the horizon will change. And it is not because i am peak over the curve ;) as the flat table in this video show for you.
>>1153 So it changes for you because you peek over the curve more from a higher vantage?
>>1150 non of it makes sense. You try to imagine the earth in all heliocentric terms. >>1151 pseudoscience and you pre suppose distance and size. It is called begging the question. >>1154 No. Did you no pay attention to the video i show to you?
Even on a LEVEL table, that is small, object vanish from the bottom as it move away. WHY? Ther eis no curve for it to hide behind. This is simple what happen in the world also. It is just how our eyes see things. Our vision narrow to a point. Ask any artist who creates landscape pictures.
>>1155 How is measuring distance pseudo-science? We do it every day. How does it not make sense? Do you not believe in the ocean or lava? I do not watch YouTube videos. YouTube is moderated by the governments. They like to spout lies. Like flat earths and giants in Russia. I followed what you said. If the horizon is different for you from a higher perspective, it would mean you're seeing more than I can see which would be impossible if it was all flat. Like looking at an infinite table top. We would both see the same horizon. It would only change if there were a curve or an end. Nobody has found or seen an end to the earth.
>>1157 > If the horizon is different for you from a higher perspective, it would mean you're seeing more than I can see which would be impossible if it was all flat. But the simple video is proof you are wrong. We see it all the time. The video is showing you right there, even on a tiny distance. Imagine how much more the effect on a huge earth like we have. lol People always ignore perspective, it is amazing to me. Even when i show them proof they just ignore. Measuring distance of something only work correct if you know for sure what the object is and what size it is. But you pre suppose the sun to be a giant object and pre suppose what it is and where it is, then use the data to give you a distance. So you beg the question from the start. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Begging_the_question
assuming the conclusion
>>1156 Maybe you gave eye problem. Its not your fault. On a level table top, no matter the size, if I place a quarter at the end and look at it from surface level, I can always see where the quarter touches the surface. I would only try glasses if I were you. Contacts have tracking chips by the government and laser tries to insert false memories in your brain. It happened to a friend of someone I know.
>>1160 Ad hominem now and red herring
>>1158 No, I am taking in the perspective. You say it changes for you. Can't happen if it is a flat surface all the way. And the measurement of the distance of the sun is not a presupposition, it is measured by how fast light travels. We can prove how fast light travels here on earth. So we already have the equation in place. And I'm pretty sure it is not a presupposition that it is the sun. Until you have proof there is an edge to the earth you are only believing in the false religion perpetuated by the governments. Private companies have flown planes around the earth non stop. They never found an edge. But somehow landed where they started from while never deviating their direction. Don't believe government lies.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IIPJQ-1jlc skip to 2:12 >>1162 well i never did claim edge of earth. I dont think there is edge to fall over. I believe we are in enclosed system. But that is just my belief i make so science claims for this. But i know for sure the earth is not moving and not a ball. By the way, you can circumnavigate on a flat earth. It is just east to west or west to east in a circle keeping north to your left or right all the time.
GLOBE EARTH IS THE ULTIMATE GOVERNMENT LIE OKAY. nasa are just liars. You believe all the fake photograph of earth.
>>1163 How is that possible if there is no magic door to go through? I cannot walk in one direction down my street and appear back at my house? Unless you mean there is no south pole?? More government lies... An enclosed system would have some sort of boundary though?
I think earth is enclosed because you need a container for gas pressure. And we have gas pressure. I do not think the pressure gradient of gas explains why we have gas pressure near a supposed vaccum.
>>1165 The middle of earth is the north pole. A circle around the pole is east and west. And yes there is no south pole, south is ALL directions opposite to north. So south is all directions which go to the outer "edge" of earth. What we call the antarctica
>>1164 NASA was privately run when globe earth photos were taken. Yes, some government funding. But they wanted to use space exploration as a military advantage at the time. Private companies have exited the atmosphere and taken photos of curved horizons. Only the government refuses to send anyone to space any more. They perpetuated the flat earth lie and are still doing so. They do not want us to focus on space. That's why they keep cutting back space funding and it is now the private companies taking up the burden. The government want society to fall under a close minded banner so we are easier to control.
>>1168 hmm no the media does all it can to censor flat earth debate. Just look at youtube, they hide videos, delete accounts, put up a banner for all flat earth video saying it is false. Trust me i have been in the flat earth scene for many years and i can will tell you here it is more heavy censorship the past years. So they try to hide it not promote. They do want us to focus on space, it is why we see so much from nasa, and elon musk and other people. Cars floating in space etc. Promise for people to go mars etc. By the way, you know they use fish eye lenns right and understand how it distorts the image?
>>1166 The government has kept you in the dark about magnets. You can buy them. Some people have them on fridges. If you make an electro magnet, which you can use copper wire and an electricity source, or have tons of molten metal rotating at a high velocity, almost like an electric motor, you will be able to create a magnetic force which is able to repel certain atoms and attract certain atoms. A powerful enough electro magnetic force is able to create an atmosphere type of environment trapping gasses and molecules inside its range. Obviously the more powerful the force, the more powerful the container. You can do small scale experiments of this in your own home.
>>1170 non sequitur :p :)
>>1169 I think you will see that flat earth lies are becoming a lot more prominent over the past 12 months due to all social media companies including YouTube being forced into government regulation. Perhaps they still hold onto the truth in a small aspect by flagging government conspiracies as false information as they are still privately owned. However, with the governments forcing their way in to free thinking more and more, I can only predict that it will change and more and more people will believe their propaganda. Elon musk is private. Not government. Space X has done more in the last 5 years than NASA has done in 50 due to the shackles the government placed upon it. Only the private companies are promising space flight to the public. The government continuously tries to mock and degrade their achievements. They are afraid that society will realise all their lies and unfounded conspiracies that make no scientific sense.
>>1171 Does this mean you are unable to argue against these facts? And this is your last ditch effort for denial. Ah, the blindness of government controlled minds...
Tee Hee, and Ha Ha ha ha, ho ho ho, ha. Whew! Thanks for the good laughs, as the mundane narrative of yesteryear continues to bring-forth it's given "Evidence" unto something so unimportant to ponder really. There is no benefit to say the world is round if it were not round. If the world were flat, there is no benefit to anything nor anyone by saying it were round if it wasn't. It's a Non Sequitur. Conspiracy in purpose, happens when there is a true benefit to those proposing something to create an alternative reality to justify their given end means, or to keep something hidden for a clandestine purpose for profit, or keep from prosecution, or to subdue a population from some ill truth. As such, nothing is gained nor lost, nor is there any benefit for saying the Earth is anything but what it has been determined to be, with the accepted and truly proven globe it is. Wasting time on such drivel when there are things going on with our Earth that should be focused upon that truly do make a difference, no matter which particular shape we wish it to be.
(148.58 KB 1080x1319 emberlee_off[...].jpg)
loominagh o'loomeil
You never debate with the stupid. If you're stupid enough to believe this all you need is a bullet to the skull before breed more morons.
Without morons we wouldn't have jack shit to get off to. Everything would be watered down and useless like Maisie's stuff is.
>>1259 Also, don't forget that the universe just happened by accident.
(133.89 KB 703x960 258767334_10[...].jpg)
the math checks out, its a sphere
Arguing on the internet is like being in the Special Olympics. It doesn't matter who wins, you're both still retarded.
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>>1817 Now this here is a man of wisdom (pic miranda cossgrove)
>>1818 who dis?
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>>1819 ur mome


no cookies?