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(168.24 KB 1080x1080 2016-06-19 11.08[...].jpg)
Compilations Guyver 09/23/2022 (Fri) 22:15:35 No. 1780
Hi there, Some of you may know me, or not, its been many years since I made one of my 1 and a half hour long compilation movies. I've been looking for a place like this since they all seemed to have vanished. I would love to make a brand new "Guyver movie" if you guys would be interested and then post a download link here. Cheers, The Guyver
>>1780 What movies have you compiled?
>>1781 Just fun stuff you know the usual models and from movies etc. and made them in to a fun compilation with great music that people can watch. I can upload the whole collection so far if you like it will be in one giant rar though and uploaded to mirrorcreator if you like? I've been wanting to make a new one for ages now since I kept improving my skills. Like my latest one called "Forever" was really great. I can just upload that one for you guys too if you like.
>>1780 >>1782 Sounds interesting, feel free to share.
(133.28 KB 1080x1349 53d7bcd8a8c76282[...].jpg)
>>1784 cool mate! Downloading part one, looking forward to the videos :)
(37.69 KB 720x720 lillyk_txu.f[...].webp)
>>1784 Same taste in cute girls and has Duran Duran youre a man of culture as well (pic ultra violet, friend of lilliana ketchman)
>>1784 didnt like the found footage one. the horror references were not fitting, annoying. but it does tell a story, i think of a man trapped with scientists probing for his bad thoughts (girls) i think still you put a lot of work into this, and I appreciate it
please put up the rar file u promised enjoyed your stuff much over the years thank. cant wait for new one
(30.87 KB 720x720 CCvEfrHl-nm_cover.jpg)
>>1789 yeah a new one would be amazing (pic: singer aurora)
First of all thank you very much for your kind replies, you guys have no idea how much I needed that. And that's sincere, it comes straight from the heart. I mean it. I want you guys to know I started working on the brand new Guyver video right away, give me time though. It will get here, promised, I'm a man of my word. But I'm also a bit of a perfectionist and I want this one to just completely rock you guys world. I get that not everybody is in to horror, which is why the newer one Forever although it does take from a spooky show, I don't do any real horror stuff in it. Just spooky stuff. My main reason is that I just like horror, and I was just you know sorta messing around with it, doing crazy montages, all that stuff. I also with "Forever" did this new thing than rather just take movie parts in between, take movie parts in between that have beautiful girls in them. It makes way more sense and frankly I am mystified why I never had that idea earlier. Anyway, working hard, and it will be here as soon as its finished. Again, thank you so much. Also for letting me post it here, its always been a hobby of mine making these.
>>1789 I will upload a complete archive as well. Thank you!
>>1793 "True Lies"(from the other now defunct forum) that you?
>>1795 I wonder.....hmmmmm
>>1795 >>1796 I saw this coming a mile away: Listen. I've had a lot of grief about 10 years ago with 180chan and Avery. And I have decided to just not take the bait or go in to any of that anymore. For the record though: I am not who ever you think I am, although probably me "denying this" will have you go at me anyway. This is my last response though to any of that non sense. I am here to make videos, its my hobby, I like doing it and I am going to share them with the people who enjoy them. I regret whatever happened with Avery back in the day, thats all I am going to say about it. I don't hold any grudges, at the time I was as much culpable as he was. So you wanna slander me, you wanna keep giving your tinfoil replies, have at it, but I'm not going to engage anymore. As long as I am posting anyway: About the archive, it will take a while to upload since mirrorcreator only allows 10 parts at a time. The archive has 57 parts in total.
>>1793 good luck looking forwards to it
>>1797 >>1797 Idk what you're referring to I just remember a guy on FM who made epic compilations. Truly masterpiece theater. Frfr
Best is to just use J-Downloader: https://jdownloader.org or freerapid: https://wordrider.net/freerapid/ You just dump the entire list in and it will download automatically.
(2.44 MB 576x1024 ssstik.io_16[...].mp4)
Before you continue, keep in mind most people here don't know you so can you explain what all this is before you spam anymore links.
>>1803 Thats the archive of all the videos I ever made.
>>1804 >>1804 that didnt answer the question we dont know what you posting for all we know its all lewd bullshit and isnt allowed :/ i give it a day then imma just delete it which I should just do anyway
>>1805 Are you a moderator? If you are then let me know then I won't finish the movie I'm working on since it would be rather pointless if you won't let me post it. There is no lewd stuff in that huge archive. I promised to post all of the compilation videos I made, and so I did.
>>1806 im whoever the fuck I want to be but your posting shit blindly and we just supposed to trust you when the convo has led to some ish that shouldnt be even metnioned so I should just nuke it based on whatever fucking weird history some anon wants to throw at your lap TBH but do as you wish I really dont care
>>1807 ok now you are being so rude, i'm gone. I was willing to collab by the way and put this message boards name in my new video. Everybody, that mod ruined it for you, being rude for no reason and thus sending me off. And no I won't be back. The new video will not be made. Have a wonderful day.
>>1808 cool but for the love of god do not add us in any way to your "work" maybe actually ask next time cuz why the fuck would we want any part of it lmao plus why you mad bro we have rules and we asked what your posting and your the one that didnt answer so sorry i cant help you
(99.85 KB 1440x1440 2022-04-25 13.29[...].jpg)
>>1808 we don't know who you are and you're posting a shitton of links we have no idea about. that's all. if there's someone you "promised" ur content to, it's a safer bet to send it all to them directly and leave us out of it. otherwise, we'd need to verify alllllll this stuff. happy editing tho 👋
(1.53 MB 1200x727 MacGruber-TV-Ser[...].png)
I know who he is he's an action star
>>1807 >>1809 >Guyver comeback >Newfag incel ruins it No offense but I hope you get cancer in the cock.
>>1810 Imagine not knowing how a multipart rar works. you download it, then you view it, then you know what its about you newfag zoomer.
>>1813 iamgine not knowing how a place works then arguing with the people that run it also lmao @NewFag pat heads at poor lil baby
(232.83 KB 1080x1350 CKORe-VpNjm_1.jpg)
>>1807 Its nothing ill.egal I downloaded both his videos. (by downloading all rar files and then extracting it with 7zip using the password Guyver) All it was were edits of cute girls, no nu.dety or ceep.ee there were some short clips of stranger things and horrorfilm movies (no real go.re), nothing ill.egal. Guyver has talent and I look forward to his work. (pic moyka)
(77.49 KB 1080x1080 14374336_170[...].jpg)
>>1807 I respect the mods but Now ill never see the original edits and the potential rare vids he found of wholesome cute girls..... (pic jennette mcurdy)


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