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The official Waifuist Flat Earth Thread Looms 03/19/2019 (Tue) 09:58:36 No. 474
All things for flat earth proof

It will be added to in time :)

And to debate

Cute girls welcome.
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Wivb, i wrote down what we talked of in case i had forget. You asked about a vacuum and why objects fall at the same time.

It is because you have removed the medium (air) and so now all objects in the container are now more dense than the vacuum (a vacuum is a volume of space that has nothing in it, no air)

so of course a feather will fall at the same speed as a heavy object (and no air resistance to slow the feather) BUT the reason they fall is not because of "gravity" but because the objects are simply denser than the medium they are in which a vacuum is nothing.

I try to tell you all thing find their level. The picture will show you what i mean by this.

There is no force pulling down, we fall only because we are dense to the air, the ground is more dense so we rest there.
1 min 32 seconds very very important.

It show that the air (medium we are in) is pushing on us. If you are lighter than the air, you are pushed up. It is the medium displace the object.
air and water are both a medium for object to perform the natural law.

A vacuum is the removal of a medium (no air, no water) so objects are ALWAYS denser than what is around them. So they all just fall no matter what they are)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmBh-WZzjIg about sound and stars.

The man who talks his head is in space like so many but the interesting bit is the sound stars make.

I think sound is Gods code for creation.

Sound can crate every natural pattern possible with the correct frequency.

look here at this time stamp.

If you understand what you see here it will blow you away. It is divine blueprint in sound and frequency.
if the time stamp is not work just skip to 11:07 very important.
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(81.66 KB 1080x775 tania4f3a.jpg)
(143.84 KB 1080x1074 tania84.jpg)
I understand how a vacuum works. But as you have suggested, there is no medium in the vacuum, which means there is nothing for the feather to find “level” in. So why isn’t it just floating in the vacuum? The pressure is identical in all directions of the object, right? That means it shouldn’t preferentially fall “down” any more than it should fall “up” or “left”. So what causes this object in the vacuum to “fall”?
Why is it so important to you what things “really” are? There’s no objective reality. Someone hallucinating would come up with their own “objective” reality different than what others would say. The only real measure is how your chosen understanding of the world around you works based on your actions and its effects compared to your expected effects. If you think there’s a teapot behind the sun at all times, it should have no bearing on your life unless you choose to focus your attention on it. Let’s just focus in the more immediate things that have an effect on your life, such as how the basics of the scientific method works so we can establish a basis for how we determine if our hypotheses or ideas are predictive of the real world.
The level in a vacuum is the floor of the chamber. It will reach the floor and stop because the floor is more dense.

for up and down.. there is just a natural up and down. What causes it to fall is the person picking it up with the robot arm and then letting it go, that caused it to fall.
Just like if i say to you, you pick up the apple, then let go. What caused it to fall, you did for picking it up. You disturbed it when it was at its level resting area and nature corrected it when you let go.

People are program to think that an invisible force is pulling objects down to the earth. But there is no proof. Yes the objects fall but we do not observe the force of gravity as it is claimed.

If gravity is such a powerful force why will the balloon stay suspended in the air if you use the correct amount of different gasses? Did you see the balloon video?

The question of up and down is very interesting, and i will admit i do not fully know why there is a natural up and down, i refuse gravity as a answer because there is no proof.

But i have an idea why, it is mostly just an idea.. not science because i cannot make an experiment to test it. But it is along the thinking of the earth is a closed electrical magnetic system, and the ground is - and the air is +, the higher you go the higher the voltage (without amp) so the higher you go, the more voltage you pick up. So in a way it could be dusts is attracted to a television set.

watch this video (it is not a flat earth video but it will better explain i think.

And I talk of the old TV if you are older enough to remember them :)
>People are program to think that an invisible force is pulling objects down to the earth.
Is that somehow different than what you're saying? There's "something" that is causing things to move "down". You can call it whatever you want, but the phenomenon is the same.

I've said it before, but you deny "gravity". what exactly do you refer to when you say gravity? what's the difference between your idea of gravity and your explanation of why something in a vacuum would "fall down"?
Since we’re posting videos I wanted to post this one that explains how there’s a way to interpret gravity as not an actual force but just the result of objects traveling in the shortest path through time. https://youtu.be/NblR01hHK6U
The difference is density and buoyancy is a real proven thing we see all the time, and the theory of gravity is not proven. Remember density and buoyancy still will play part in a vacuum because something is always denser than nothing. But i agree it only will go part of the way to explain it, the question of up and down is unknown to me, but of course i did say to you my thinking on what is is.
lol this sound almost the same as the flat earth society (shill group) who say that is it earth that travel up.
but what do you mean when YOU say gravity? you just say it's fake. you haven't described what it is though. and you haven't shown why an object would fall in a vacuum, given that buoyancy wouldn't apply as there is no longer a medium.
well there are 2 types of gravity newton and Einstein. I see no proof for both. So what i mean by gravity is also the same as what you mean and all others who know of gravity.
(67.11 KB 1280x720 proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)
(2.13 MB 1280x720 AJ boops Paige.mp4)
nice illustration. I like the resolution
So, you keep saying proof. What are you looking for, exactly? What is proof to you? A reason for why something exists? Using your criteria, there's no proof for your theory of gravity either.

Really, there's no proof of anything in science. There's only the absence of observations that show a theory as false. So, what is the observation that makes the existing theories of gravity false?

Also, you haven't answered my question about how an object would fall in a vacuum without a medium to fall in. Seems like that's an observation that shows the "buoyancy is the cause of objects falling as they find their level" theory as false.
I did already answer.

I said to you that medium or no medium it will fall because even with a vacuum (no medium) then the object has a bigger denisty than NOTHING (the vacuum) so it behave the same. (fall) air (a medium) just make the objects (depending on density) act in a different way, fall slower or for some object to rise if they are less dense than the air surrounding it

The only thing i say to you that is hard to explain is the direct of up and down. But i did give a non scientific possibilty.
(2.47 MB 482x482 proxy.duckduckgo.com.gif)
it is just to explain that on a ball you will see the horizon fall down as you get higher :) in real life we see the horizon move to eye level. This only will be so on a flat earth and not a ball.
The fact that there is a direction is a pretty crucial part of gravity. Without a theory for that, all you're describing is how objects move under some unknown force called "gravity". You're describing a subset of Newtonian mechanics without the "masses attract masses" part. So really, you haven't explained gravity at all. So why are you so dismissive of Newtonian gravity?

To be completely fair, I'm not even saying your theory is wrong (nor am i saying it's right). There are lots of models of gravity besides Newton or Eistein's. i.e Lagrangian mechanics. But if you're going to dismiss these other theories of gravity, then at least put your own theory up to the same level of scrutiny, which you're not doing.
no evidence for gravity. Why would i consider it? Mass never attracts mass. No evidence of space time fabric also. So both are useless story. Not science.

If ytou claim "gravity" for things to fall.. then you must prove to me. I do not need to consider it.
(61.07 KB 900x591 proxy54.duckduck[...].jpg)
(223.06 KB 1104x1104 proxg54y.duckduc[...].jpg)
(2.47 MB 482x482 proxy.duckduckgo.com.gif)
ticks said to me if the earth is flat, if you travel east or westand travel in a straight line you will end up becoming to the "edge" of the earth.

One way he is correct. But he misunderstands how we travel east and west on earth. If you move east or west on earth and stay in a straight line you will move off course. You must adjust your direction. Example. If I move east i must keep north to my left shoulder, as i keep travel to the east i will need to adjust so north stays on my left. If you keep moving east it will turn to south always. South on earth is all directions around north. The middle of earth. You must remove the idea of a south pole, The south is a circle all the way around.

When explorers many years ago try to sail around the coast of antarctica they found to themselves that they were off course by a huge degree when they try to follow the coast because they were moving too far east or west and not south and back north as you will expect on a ball earth.

See here the sun and moon are moving to the west in a great circle on the face of the earth. Do you remember this saying "the face" of the earth.A ball does not have a face. A face is a flat surface. See how the sun moves west, from the east to the west always. It must adjust to keep going a circle (east and west)

I hope this explains. People find this hard to understand when they first hear if the flat earth.
okay, even if i granted you the movement of the sun and the moon...
this is assuming that i would have to rely on the sun's position to go in a straight line. but i can move in a straight line without constantly looking to the sun.
and by moving in that straight line, i would have to run into the ice wall at some point. if i choose any direction, and i don't deviate no matter what then i will have to run into the ice wall every time.
Yes that is correct you will hit Antarctica if you carry on in a straight. It is not all a ice wall though. This is miss info. There are some areas with a huge ice wall.. but most is rocky coast also. And behind that vast wasteland of snow and ice with winds you can not imagine.

If you wish to move south straight away you just keep north to your back. But you will always head south even if you start east or west and carry in a straight line.

But south is the other side of the earth to someone else south.. because south is all around you.

So if you went south in south america, and i went south in russia we will be in the total different areas of the earth.
okay so you reach the arctic/ice area. and then you continue to move in that same straight line that led you to this area. why is it that when you do that, you end up on another coast?
Arctic is the north (middle)

So yes you will just keep going and go south again.

But if you mean Antarctica, then i do not believe anyone has ever crossed and come out the other side of a ball. There are stories and claims but if you research you will find no one has ever made it for this journey. Because it is impossible.
In winter for Antarctica there are many month of no sunlight. It is dark and freezing wind.

Because the sun is so far away in the summer for the north in a tight circle, So in north summer the nights are light, long long day.

This is proof also for a flat earth with a small local sun
>But if you mean Antarctica, then i do not believe anyone has ever crossed and come out the other side of a ball. There are stories and claims but if you research you will find no one has ever made it for this journey. Because it is impossible.

I haven't looked into expeditions across Antarctica but if there haven't really been any it's because it's an insanely massive continent made of mostly ice and there's virtually no reason to make such a costly and difficult trip.
US: 3.797 million mi²
Antarctica: 5.405 million mi²
The only reason someone would make it is to prove to flat earthers that it's a continent on a planet lol
Otherwise, it's a huge waste of time, resources, and money on top of being dangerous.
But that's besides the point anyway. My point still remains that most of the time going in a straight line will not result in bringing you to Antarctica. Because it's a continent.

Yes, this goes for the North Pole as well. But that doesn't prove a flat earth with a small local Sun because it's explained easily by grade school astronomy.
Science isn't about proving a theory correct. It's about the lack of evidence for a theory being wrong. You're being very hypocritical to state that there's no proof for "mass attracts mass" and dismissing the theory altogether, when you also have no "proof" for whatever theory you have.

Let's just agree on what science is. Then at least we have a basis of discussion instead of just randomly spouting things like random "facts" or just out right saying the other person is wrong. Or admit that you aren't interested in the science at all.
In case I am not clear enough, I don't even want to discuss about your theories if you aren't even approaching these theories in a scientific manner. If you'd like to discuss the philosophy of science, that's at least interesting. Otherwise, you're literally preaching to us, Looms. What's the difference between you and a false prophet who claims to know "the truth"?
The globe requires fake science, no one can prove the globe.
(1.71 MB 1880x1390 proxy.dy654guckd[...].png)
real satellites. They are on balloons not in space! It is crazy to new people but this is now why you will understand NASA uses the most helium than any on the earth.

How can level water curve?
how can curved water be level?
we do not see curved water, we see flat level water
Still no proof for space or ball earth. It is interesting for me to see in 10 years when no one is still not in space to hear the excuse. You will remember me then.
We will remember you as the dummy you are for falling into this trap. Hard to forget that tbh.

see how the ship is really still there and not hide behind a curve
I can't believe I'm the one doing this but you do realize that this doesnt prove anything because the ships dont even seem to be moving or is moving slowly. so basically you are showing that the camera can see a ship in the distance. it doesnt show where the lowest parts of the ship so that we can say without doubt that the whole ship is in view.

Come on Looms, this is why no one takes you seriously. Next time show a recording from start to finish of a boat going into the distance, past the horizon line and NOT having its bottom disappear and maybe just maybe people will believe the crap ya pushing
But they will say to you the ship has vanished behind the curve if you can not see now. But a simple zoom will show it is there.

Really they just become mirrored, you will see the boat looking as if it is floating with the under side a mirror image.

You did remove so many of the videos that were shown for years since 2016 it is so hard to find a good example now.


if you type in flat earth ships now you get all anti flat earth videos. This did not always be the case.
i mean youtube did remove, not you

They say that when its moving beyond it. That's just sitting there or moving along "the edge" Again get me a video of a boat moving from point A to point B past the horizon line and not disappearing behind it and I will consider listening. I'm not searching for it myself cuz I don't want to be linked to Flat Earth algorithms. You post it. You are the one trying to convince people
Edited last time by QuietGrace on 07/20/2019 (Sat) 22:47:07.
You realize that 120000ft is only 22 miles. The earth is 13000 miles in diameter. Think bigger jabroni, waayyyyy bigger
Like 68,640,000 feet.
Here is a great video to show how the ship is not going behind a curve. There are some illusion here. The distant water is invisible because of the dense air close to the water. Imagine looking through lots of panes of glass many many over times. AND also the bottom of the ship is a mirror imagine!

So what we see when we zoom on a ship in the dinstance (long gone from the eye sight) we will see a ship that is looks only to the eye as if it is floating in the air! AND also with the bottom of the hull mirror. we never see really ships going behind a curve because there is no curve.

And qg you ask for a ship that is moving away from the observer, this show it.

You must know the horizon is not really a real thing, only on the pretend ball earth. In the real flat earth the horizon is only relative horizon to the viewer. Where the sky and earth/water meet. But it is only illusion.

The reason the ship will seem to float is because really it is on more distant water we can not see.

You must watch it all to understand.

also i must say there is perspective affecting the ship. As it move away from the observer it is getting smaller of course. And so the viewing angle becomes smaller.

There are so many issues at play here, it is understanding how so many people have been fooled to think we live on a space ball.
Just to put 22 miles in perspective, the island of Manhattan is 13.4 miles. And its barely anything when you look at the map of Manhattan. So how they expect to see a curve just by looking with your own naked eye idk
Sorry, barely anything when you look at the map of New York State
they say the earth is too big to see a curve when we are so small, but also say ship goes behind the curve of the water that is why it vanish from us. So it can not be both :) Do you see how that conflict. Did you start to watch the video i show you here? Good morning!
Oh God this footage again...

I know I asked for footage but I was hoping for something different than the same one that has also been debunked. I think we will just have to view the world differently and view it how best serves the limited time we are on this PLANET. I appreciate you taking the time out to show me this though.
you already seen? did i show before? i do not know. What is debunked?
no problem brother. I pray you will see one day. You are awake early!
That video was debunked. As in proven wrong. You may have shown me. Not sure.

You are asking me for a lot. You are asking to not only disbelieve things that is proven both in modern times but in times before Christianity was even created but also expecting me to believe in religion to begin with. To believe all that would be to not be QG anymore. So I pray that I don't "see it"
You dont have to put anything into perspective for me, I know what walking a mile is, I know what driving one thousand of them is. I'm saying, to say you can't see the curve of the earth at 22 miles up, is like an ant saying it cant see beyond my front yard while on top of its little ant Hill. So that's the entire world to that ant, when clearly its not the entire world..
Insert my first imaging of the moon here, because we don't support .png?
(3.75 MB 3120x1440 Screenshot_2[...].png)
Huh, when I transferred to the phone it's a .bmp lol
So, when distance obscures the view and we only see the sails, you're saying just zoom in, right.?
I'd advise you to spend time on the beach yourself and with a decent to good camera and attempt this yourself.


(2.89 MB 3120x1440 Screenshot_2[...].png)
On top of that, here's photo proof, from me taking the images.. Of the moon being tidal locked, last one is around midnight, this one is about 4:30 am. See how its shifted? Both taken from my backyard. Crazy how if you wanted to take both of these with the same time stamp you have to drive crazy amounts of distance. Gravity is real.
but the problem is you do not see any curve even more than 22 miles... you can see for 100's of miles. Using zooms is amazing.

no it is more detail than this. You have factors here like viewing angle, distance, the condition of the air on this day, how much water is in the air, the heat of the air and how far it is. Even on the flat earth you can not see forever. With great enough of a distant all item you view will become too less to no resolution from the horizon that you will not tell, they will merge.

You observe a light in the sky but you can not prove gravity with it. Yes the moon will rotate, also the sun does this do you know? No one really know what the sun and moon is. Gravity is just a word to describe by man what will go up must go down. But when they talk of gravity they have no science experiment to prove it.

They presuppose mass attract mass but no proof from experiment to show. cavandish is a fake test, mass is never show to attact mass.

What you think is gravity is mostly relative density. This you can show and test!

The rabbit hole is deep on this,they have lied to all of us.
What is to debunk? It just show what we see in real life. You say it is fake?
it doesn't matter at the end of the day. you will believe what you want
(402.36 KB 500x486 8c68b688cc867ca3[...].png)
(135.07 KB 500x606 flat-is-justice-[...].png)
>mfw i'm flatter than the earth
congrats ms skeletal proud of u honey
(91.55 KB 882x491 1540722945375.jpg)
(47.56 KB 600x400 Telescopio Hubble.jpg)
Is it really flat boys? Is everything a lie?
Space is a lie. The hubble telescope is a lie. No space no orbits. Just earth, we are the center of all. God made the only solid place here on this plane.

Earth is a giant clock, made perfect for us to see the sign and season for the man on the ground. It is amazing. If you understand all the thing God has created for us you will see the lie of space is clear.
Stars are angels.

Wheels within wheels

The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the colour of a beryl: and they four had one likeness: and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel.

They are sound frequency made from the voice of God. He speaks all things in to being.

Notice how the star looks to glimmer through water. Water above the firmament. It is why the watchers above (stars) twinkle. They circle creation.

(367.38 KB 1500x1093 proxy.duckdu54ck[...].jpg)
(218.41 KB 960x720 proxy.duckduck67[...].jpg)
It is why we hear "God said" and so it was. SOUND is the key.

watch all of this
(269.47 KB 1070x1600 proxy.duckdu64ck[...].jpg)
(565.62 KB 1229x1024 proxy.duckduc64k[...].jpg)
All matter is energy. Light always moves at a constant velocity while matter never exceeds the speed of light. Matter must therefore experience relativistic effects based on its velocity compared to light. The beauty of these truths cannot be understated; truly they are part of the universe that God designed, and to deny them is to deny God himself.
(3.64 MB 2400x3000 print.jpg)
This is the hubble deep field. It's what we see when we pointed the hubble telescope at mostly empty part of space, with a very long exposure period. This is what came out. Every object you see there is an individual galaxy. The universe is immense, as it should be.
(64.78 KB 640x471 7269207.jpg)
(80.88 KB 1481x368 1567490872584.jpg)
how humans discovered observations of gravitational waves

I have a few questions.

1.) How is it that when you flush a toilet or water circles a drain in Australia that is drains the opposite way than in a place such as the USA?

If we live on a flat plain shouldn't the drain spin in the same direction?

2.) Why is the viewing of constellations different in parts of the world?

Wouldnt a flat plain have the same sky regardless of your position?

Please answers these first and I`ll ask the 20 or so other questions I have.
the Coriolis effect is subtle and probably not the cause of swirl direction

Hey thanks for the answer. With respect I know the answers already, or at least what I am taught to believe.

It is indeed the reason that fluid will drain clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and counter-clockwise in the Southern.

I`m open to almost anything, but I doubt the Earth is flat, it just seems like wasted effort that could be put towards actual conspiracies.

I`m also not sure which video you wanted to link some I picked this one from the list, and it was one I already watched

It is a myth that the water will go in a different direction. Look it up and you will see it is false, it all is depends on how you run the water and the shape of the bathroom sink. So just a lie to add to the globe earth.

The stars is easy, you see them in different way on different area of the earth because of perspective. Let me explain to you some.

If I draw a smilely face on the ceiling in a large corridor, and then say to you walk away from it from the direction away from the mouth and now you look up, what will you see? You will see now a frown and upside down face. And if you keep walking away down the long corrider what will you see? You will see no face because it will get to the middle of your vision, all points reach to a center in your vision. Do you understand this?

If a aircraft flies over you, it is high in the sky, and if you keep watching it as it moves away, it will lower down in the sky until you no longer see it. It is the same for the stars, and the sun and moon. No different, all perspective to the viewer AND angular resoultion of the image.
It is a myth that the water will go in a different direction. Look it up and you will see it is false, it all is depends on how you run the water and the shape of the bathroom sink. So just a lie to add to the globe earth.

The stars is easy, you see them in different way on different area of the earth because of perspective. Let me explain to you some.

If I draw a smilely face on the ceiling in a large corridor, and then say to you walk away from it from the direction away from the mouth and now you look up, what will you see? You will see now a frown and upside down face. And if you keep walking away down the long corrider what will you see? You will see no face because it will get to the middle of your vision, all points reach to a center in your vision. Do you understand this?

If a aircraft flies over you, it is high in the sky, and if you keep watching it as it moves away, it will lower down in the sky until you no longer see it. It is the same for the stars, and the sun and moon. No different, all perspective to the viewer AND angular resoultion of the image.
(119.65 KB 960x960 sat563.jpg)
And when i say angular resolution what i mean with this if it depends on how high or low you the observer is to the distant object.

So if you see the sun setting, you can raise yourself higher and now the sun will no longer be set. It is real. The globe heads will say they are peaked over the curve! LOL they will say this, but they ignore simple perspective and the angle which you view the object. Increase the angle and you increase your abilty to view it!! VERY SIMPLE.

no curve. NONE.

Earth is flat, is a creation by God.
(29.41 KB 1557x819 wdwedwed.png)
(384.47 KB 1080x1345 39327522_275[...].jpg)
>you can raise yourself higher and now the sun will no longer be set

exactly! this would only be true on a globe though, observe my little drawing :3

and as you show here >>513 the sun would always be visible on a flat plane. can you draw something to help me visualise how the sun would set on a flat plane?

>The stars is easy, you see them in different way on different area of the earth because of perspective.

how do you explain two different sets of constellations in each hemisphere? i tried to show that on my masterpiece too lol
did you watch the video where they showed how still water naturally swirled in different directions depending on the hemisphere? how is that explained in a flat earth theory?
>If I draw a smilely face on the ceiling in a large corridor, and then say to you walk away from it from the direction away from the mouth and now you look up, what will you see? You will see now a frown and upside down face. And if you keep walking away down the long corrider what will you see? You will see no face because it will get to the middle of your vision, all points reach to a center in your vision. Do you understand this?

But in a long hallway, the smiley face doesn't fall below the carpet. The smiley face is always above the carpet. What do you mean you stop seeing the smiley face?
No it works on a flat earth also because of the reasons i say to you already! To put in a very simple way, things in the distance become smaller and lower to the horizon. I say to you a aircraft even though it is high in the air, when it moves away on a straight level flight, to you on the ground you will notice the aircraft moving down towards the ground. Do you never notice how con trail in the sky sometime look like they are going down in the sky? It almost look to the man on the ground that the plane has taken a nose dive. But it illusion. It is the key to understanding the flat earth. Perspective and angular sight of the observer to the object you view. People have been trained to think only on a ball earth, so they imagine the ship, or sun whatever it is, hiding behind the curve. It is a hard way to think to break the habit.

Not because of the hemisphere that is wrong. It is just depends on the direction of the water being run into the sink, the shape of the bowl of the sink and how fast the water runs. Nothing to do with a magical space ball spinning!

If the hallway is long enough then it will fall to the ground (horizon) actually. But very hard to find a real hallway that long!

>how do you explain two different sets of constellations in each hemisphere?

It is a good question, no one knows how the stars really work over the earth. I think there is a dome and the southern "hemisphere" is the outer part of the dome, who knows how the light is distort in these regions. Ther is much to discover about the real truth. But many will take the easy option and believe the space lie.

Here take a look at this video, it shows you maybe what i think but i have a difficult time in explaining.

Just watch it it is very very short, it can trigger a image in your head in what i am thinking.


I like the grace picture lol
(21.22 KB 474x313 vanish5632.jpg)
(110.76 KB 768x480 perspective56732.jpg)
(91.29 KB 800x485 sun674873.jpg)
(504.12 KB 1136x640 sun67422.png)

For wivb
(187.78 KB 1129x723 e937738846a0f57f[...].jpg)
>things in the distance become smaller and lower to the horizon

yes but if the earth was flat there would be nothing obstructing your view and you could follow the object forever without loosing sight of it, the fact you cant do that is proof there is a curve

>so they imagine the ship, or sun whatever it is, hiding behind the curve

but if its not behind the curve then where is it? so youre saying that when i watch the sun set, its not moving down behind the earth, but rather further way in a straight line? but still above the surface of the earth at all times? im sorry but i just cant visualise that in my head. flat earthers say its all about using your own common sense, well that pic i drew is how i picture it in my head, show me how you see it to help me visualise it

>no one knows how the stars really work over the earth

well i dunno about that looms, i mean theres a free program called Stellarium, for example, it renders the night sky in real time on your pc. i can go into my garden and watch the screen and the night sky move in perfect unison, they must have figured at least something out to be able to do that ;)

>But many will take the easy option and believe the space lie

im sure youve heard of occam's razor, it applies in this case for me


ill grant you that is quite interesting, they do look very similar

>it can trigger a image in your head in what i am thinking

i think i do see what you mean by the dome but still doesnt seem logical to me, the big ol ball earth is more comfy in my mind

>I like the grace picture

hehe :) rate this one
(162.08 KB 1080x1125 20184395_258[...].jpg)
(66.88 KB 732x916 39349253_262[...].jpg)
(152.74 KB 1080x1080 65556680_140[...].jpg)
ohh i forgot about this, i think we could both use it as proof lol but regardless of our viewpoint its just an amazing video of the earth


ohhh right, i see what youre getting at. hmmm id need to think about this
Yes nice video. Even more amazing if you understand the ship is never going around a curve :) Just flat flat flat all the way.

I hope you really do. But beware if you really see what i see nothing will be the same to you again.

>im sure youve heard of occam's razor, it applies in this case for me

But space is made from all lies. So an easy lie is no good use for find the truth of where we live.

>hehe :) rate this one

I notice the Irish flag nice detail :p
i may have to start drawing diagrams again lol

can you do a favour and go to google images and find a rough approximation of what you thing the FE looks like, just for visualisation purposes

>but if its not behind the curve then where is it? so youre saying that when i watch the sun set, its not moving down behind the earth, but rather further way in a straight line? but still above the surface of the earth at all times? im sorry but i just cant visualise that in my head. flat earthers say its all about using your own common sense, well that pic i drew is how i picture it in my head, show me how you see it to help me visualise it

This is a common problem for many. It is just too far to see, it is so far away now fromyou it becomes to small to see. You think of the sun as a huge thing in space. But really it is small and local. It moves in a circle over us. I think you say the picture helps you understand now?
>It moves in a circle over us

so if you were high enough on the flat earth, you could see the sun at all times?

>the picture helps you understand now?

helps me picture what you mean, yes
>It moves in a circle over us

also how do you explain this at the north pole?

I think that is in summer. In the north for summer, the farther north you are, sometimes you will have 24 hour sun. It is because in the northen summer the sun travel in a slow tight circle over the earth. It is why we have such light nights in summer. If you go to the arctic circle you will see the sun never set at times in summer.

They try to fake the same thing for the antacrtica to try to prove a globe because it would kill the flat earth. But everyone i seen is fake. You can see time edited from it and also a fake sun placed. Very select videos that only a small amount of people can ever see. But for the north many people see it all the time. So in the north 24 hour sun is real, and in the antarctica it is not real. In winter there they have months of darkness, did you even aware of this fact? Think of it, months of darkness. When the sunwill never rise. It is because the sun is in the middle of the earth, too far from the edge of the earth.
(157.48 KB 482x482 95d0956d8e97a6bc[...].png)
(211.24 KB 1280x520 1280px-McMurdo&#[...].jpg)
>in the northen summer the sun travel in a slow tight circle over the earth

does the path change throughout the year then?

see this gif here >>513 if i was at the green X i put on pic related, surely i would still be able to see the sun. and that light yellow circle around it, i guess its representing the area covered by sunlight, but its purely arbitrary, light doesnt just stop like that

>But everyone i seen is fake

well i just youtubed it and found a bunch lol, they look pretty real to me but whatever you say. but antarctica really fascinates me, you know they have a literal town down there, McMurdo Station, with like a 1000 people living there during the summer months. strangely comfy too, id like to spend some time there, this guys does vlogs about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVwAOhWYHvw

>did you even aware of this fact?

i was in fact! from penguin documentaries, one of the most kino animals :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-U8h1SCDbU

>It is because the sun is in the middle of the earth

OR because of the earth's axial tilt :^)
if the sun is so small and so close where it would visibly change in position the further away from us, why is it that it appears the same size throughout the day? shouldn't it be smallest at sunrise and sunset, then the largest at midday? why does the sun disappear beneath the horizon, instead of shrinking to infinitesimal in size?
>does the path change throughout the year then?

Yes the sun travel outwards and back inwards through the year. When it is in the middle (north) it moves very slow. When it is in the outer (south) is moves very fast.

> with like a 1000 people living there during the summer months

Yes and do you ask why only summer? Because in winter there IS NO SUN, it is gone for months and months. Just black. Because the sun is all the way in the north (middle) way to far to get any light.

why is it that it appears the same size throughout the day?

appears with the eye.. but if you really measur eit it does go large and small

>why does the sun disappear beneath the horizon, instead of shrinking to infinitesimal in size?

Because you can not see forever even on flat plane. The sun has move from you so far that your eyes can not make any resoultion to the image now. Trust me it has not gone to hide behind a curve.
(111.18 KB 1024x683 SouthPoleStation[...].jpg)
it maintains about 250 people during the winter months too...but i wondered what your thoughts on the south pole station are? what do you think they get up to down there? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amundsen%E2%80%93Scott_South_Pole_Station

talk about comfy btw, id unironically like to live here


but you accept what i say here about months of night time? How can it be so on a ball earth? It does not concern you?

Not a blink of the sun for months.

>i wondered what your thoughts on the south pole station are?

I think it is not a "pole" it is a land mass that goes all the way around the earth. The station... they are outpost for unknown reasons. They hide something there that not any person can see. I think they found the dome in the 50's and began to fire missies into the dome. It is all there to see if you look. Operation fishbowl.


Operation Dominic, it means of the lord. So they say fishbowl of the lord. The dome.
(31.79 KB 750x500 seasons.png)
>but you accept what i say here about months of night time? How can it be so on a ball earth?

i do accept it but i think its better explained by the earth's tilt


auf englisch bitte! :P

ok here



if space is fake then why are there stars in hollywood?
(2.22 MB 640x800 physics0403~1569[...].mp4)
Carl Sagan is best Carl ever
(1.49 MB 480x480 physics0403~1569[...].mp4)
Neil letting the (round) world know whats up. Preach!!!
(369.16 KB 1600x1231 circumference-me[...].jpg)

100000 ft
120000 ft
We all realise this is only 18-20 miles up...
The earth is ~24,000 miles around
This perspective is far too small to try to understand the actual size... This is why you think its flat, you think 20 or even 200 miles is HUGE!

Spoiler alert.

The earth is in the ballpark of 126,720,000 feet around. 20k ft aint gonna be shit on that when it comes to our 6 foot tall perspective.

You cant really argue this. With those numbers (give or take a tiny amount [with the overall size of things, 100k ft is tiny], my math may be slightly off) laid out, as proven fact.

Weve been measuring the earth for quite sometime. What was it QG. Greeks, b.c. figured it out by pic related, then with numbers, calculated the size...

When you use your brain, its not that hard to comprehend... Then again, its about an 18 hour drive to Florida for me, with stops, roughly 1000 miles, driving to the moon at 60 mph would roughly take what, a bit under 6 months.. At give or take 240,000 miles away?
You have to stop, and understand the values of the numbers you are reading. 24000 is big. 240000 is quite a bit larger. Try to wrap your head around these stats.
Meant to correct the 20k ft after the 126,720,000ft around, to 100k ft, to keep the numbers relatable. As i did in the following bit..
by the way, it is already prove that the same is true on a flat earth with small local sun. So your video here is not proof for a ball earth.

He is actor. He say the earth is pear shape and does not know what gravity is.

>We all realise this is only 18-20 miles up...

They say the earth curve at 8 inches pro miles squared. So at 20 miles 105600ft enter this to the earth curve calc and you will see the curve. The curve is very big! How can you say you see no curve??? But in real life we see flat flat flat forever.
But also the globeheads say "we see a ship go over the curve"! but then also say "the earth is too big to see the curve from high up"! can you see how the conflict is here???

watch it all
Watched it all. I dont really get the point because your excuses change ever single time. First video they were upside down so what was the point in including it? its literally the oldest trick in the book that I can do at home with if I wanted to. the second one I would touch but last time you insisted was harnesses yet you never explained how that was actually possible when we tried to talk about it. I don't know anything about zero gravity so I'm not gonna pretend to just for the sake of arguing, I'm just here to point out your past b.s. you have said with the same video clips constantly used but flat earther. as they say, when you stare at something long enough, you start to believe it's there. that's pretty much you
They use so many ways to fake space. This is just to show you how they could fake space. It is easy to fool people.

So tricks like this, filmed inside a large pool, computer images. Have you even see how much they can fake with deepfake software? It is an outstanding way to trick your eyes.

They can make the harness invisible to you. But you see his hand grab it. And his clothing pulls away.

also vomit comet film can be used.

proof they are in water. Sorry the video is in deutsch but it is all i can find for now because youtube censor all flat earth now. They make it so hard to find. All are bury deep behind millions of anti flat earth video.

And now even NASA create video with tags exposed etc so they become the first thing you see. Then show normal NASA approve footage.

But just watch and you will understand. It is most just video no talking.
>They can make the harness invisible to you. But you see his hand grab it. And his clothing pulls away.

If you are going to use the same tired footage, you are going to have to actually answer this time which logic and not running around with excuses. How can all 4 people in that video be on harnesses? It technically can not make sense. If you can actually explain this one thing to me, I will leave you alone
You think the room is too small for them all to have harness? The room is also fake, cgi to make it look as the ISS space ship.

Do you see in movies how they do it with green screens? They can delete the harness and the supports everything you see is only what they allow on the computer screen.
Lol that's cute but if you've actually seen behind the scenes of movies, you would know how much that actually was impossible. I asked you before how people could go through harnesses, but you couldn't really answer. apparently Hollywood is so advanced it can make you believe anything except even the most high budget movies you can spot issues with things like green screen.
All jokes aside you people are pretty dumb... I love how nobody and I mean nobody manages to add gravity yet into the mix... the earth is a weird spherical rock because of gravity it spins because of gravity and we don’t fall off because of gravity..

Please don’t breed at all I don’t want more dumb people on this rock
Not sure what you are talking about anon, a quick word search shows gravity was mentioned 30 times when not including your post, including a deeper discussion about it around here
(47.46 KB 800x800 56432.jpg)
Yes he did not read much.

No proof for gravity. It is just a word no meaning. Let us now ask a fake scientist actor Neil degrasse tyson explain to us what is gravity?


"we have no idea okay next question" Then talks of fake things bending space time. No proof, no science.

"Gravity" is really relative density! It is very simple. Everything find it level.
Why does aircraft fly level for hours and hours at great speed but never put the nose down? They fly level. Think about it. If we live on a ball earth why do we fly not in space?? The aircraft should get higher but they FLY LEVEL.

It is alone proof for a flat earth. Ask any pilot they will tell you they fly level, they never make the aircraft point down so they stay at the correct height.

It is why they call it aeroPLANE it fly on a plane. LEVEL.
Why do Flat Earthers repeat the same questions over and over even when they are given answers? which they brush off with a million nonsense excuses after

That's the real question you should be asking
(721.96 KB 708x850 811f072a0f6a30ff[...].png)
found it loomiepoo, posting here in case i die :D
no one gave me answer to it.

lol cyborg zhe. don't die!
You are given the answer or if you want to be technical, they gave what is believed by scientists and researchers etc the answer. You choose to not believe it which is fine I guess. We all have choice to believe what we want. But to say no one gave you an answer is ridiculous and is why people dont like debating you.
Why do a aircraft stay level if we are fly over a ball? No one did answer i am sure of it.
actually a ton of people address this. I literally did a simple google search. you don't have to believe it, but to outright say no one answered it tells me you didn't even bother to google it. cuz answers came up within seconds
ha yes they just pre suppose gravity and say they are all level but not flat, no matter where you are on earth. But no one think to themselves how much it does not sense. So no answer still.

All are level, but you must believe in gravity first!

What i want is people to think for themselves and explain in own words to me why plane flies level for hours on a ball. And not fly into space.
not at all what I read. Idk where you look but

>So no answer still

case in point, saying no answer because you dont like, agree or think doesn't make sense is why I can't debate you. so I'll leave that there until you say something else stupid that makes me want to comment again :)
(76.59 KB 1024x683 Reflections-Pict[...].jpg)
Well not all google result is the same for all. I do not know what you see at the top. It is so hard to just tell me in your words the answer? :)

Salt lakes. Perfect flat mirror. It alone is enough to make you wonder.
not my intent. my point which you prove is that there are answers, but you choose not to believe. Correct answer, Wonder answer, you said "No one did answer i am sure of it" and people have.

I don't personally want to waste time posting something you are gonna shoot down right away anyway. maybe someone else will.

An event did happen all over the plane. A mud flood. There is evidence a advanced plane wide civilization did exist with greater even technology of today. The ability to create great buildings which can no longer be build. Now we have only ugly basic buildings.


It is different to the great flood of Noah times. It is a closer event. History has been covered i think. We are more backwards in tech which we were 100;s of years ago.


there are things going on in this reality we do not understand. Only the elite know. The family of the knight templars who discovered the secrets and use the knowledge now to control power on earth.

Look up Tartaria
How the sun works on earth

(427.43 KB 1200x3025 Starman_6a4a[...].jpg)
I feel sorry for the relatives of flat earthers knowing that kind of stupid is in your genes...
Those who argue with flat earthers as dumb as flat earthers. Just collect the flat earthers and deposit them on an island where they can't infect the children with their stupidity.
(186.91 KB 900x900 Bring+it+bitch&#[...].jpg)
(134.65 KB 900x900 Bring_1c032f[...].jpg)
we be an earth-chan thread now
NASA is a fraud

(53.80 KB 788x873 3tunnsgi3n701.jpg)
(290.66 KB 1200x1666 My+kind+of+magaz[...].jpg)
The best proof is the earth is flat. We see it is flat.

We do not see it a ball.

If you follow the ocean it is flat, when will it curve? No 8 inch pro mile squared. Just flat.

The horizon is only apparent. Not a real thing. Not a place you can go to. It is a illusion to where the sky meet the ground.

We see object from far away that should be hid behind the curve.

You can not have gas pressure without a container. So space is impossible. No one can go to a place that is not real, so no one can go to space. Which makes NASA a liar.
You must have faith in the ball earth. You must believe a story and trust what men say to you about space.

But for flat earth, you just see with your eyes. And you sense no spin. The earth does not move.
Stop drinking
>>755 It is still flat if i drink or no. Soooo
(69.75 KB 640x779 522729.jpg)
This video is all I need to win. This is 100% globe killer. If you think not then you do not understand the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayPI8DBMkiY The horizon is only apparent, the globe must have a physical edge, because it is the nature of a ball to have so. But there is no edge, we see much further than is allowed. Watch and understand. The earth is flat. The ball is finished now. NASA is finished now.
BLACK SWAN WON THE DEBATE The Earth Where You Live Is Flat The Model Where You Think You Live Is A Ball The Earth Is Not a Model Does anyone who sees the black swan video understand what it means for the ball earth??? I hope you all watch and understand.
>>767 >>768 Wtf I HATE NASA now!!!
>>775 Do you see now truely or do you joke? The earth does not have geometric horizon. Only apparent. But the ball earth model (we do not live on model) has a curve edge! But on the real earth the horizon is only a apparent. There is only one horizon. But the ball earth space believers think we have so a loomed horizon, they say so we have more than 1 horizon. Read about the black swan argument. It destroys the space balls!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwLSrNu1ppI mfw more and more people wake from the dream and understand who they are and where they are
They fly straight and level over the flat plane. If they travel around a ball earth like so they will fly into space with time.
their fake space
There is a gas very high up in the air called Sulfur Hexafluoride. It is very heavy and stops all electrical current, will not allow any conduction. I believe this is very important for how the earth works, the earth is a giant electrical dipole system maybe. In some contain electromagnetic CLOSED system. This gas is heavy, stop all the electric current. I believe somehow the higher you go the gas becomes more dense and will become a solid. I think it is what some believe is the dome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u19QfJWI1oQ watch this When we see rockets taken high up we see the rocket stop and look as it floats like a boat on water. You see how everything behave so in water. As above so below. I believe it is the waters above, just like we have the waters below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDoh8zQDT38 see here how cold it will get as it goes up. Then after the rocket will behave in water.
It is because i think the higher you go the air becomes thin, lighter, then for some reason you hit this very dense gas Sulfur Hexafluoride and it behave as water! Then even higher it begins to behave as a solid, There is no space to get to. Ignore the curve on the rocket video, it is a gopro video .. go pro is a curved fish eye lens. The real image is a flat earth.
watch all this rocket videos and you will see the water behavior. The sounds, the floating like in water.
Apparent horizon NOT physical! People always say to flat earthers.. where is your edge.. but the globe believers do not have a edge also! No geometric curve, only apparent horizon. That only happen on a flat plane. earth is flat.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0iqg2UanEc flat earth song, listen to the lyrics.
Tell me what you think about blackswan?
(669.42 KB 1800x1275 external-content[...].jpg)
>>794 It is amazing the artist here hints on the blackswan debate. It is for people to know with eyes to see.
>>795 No one understands what the artist means here, they just think it is the virus and debt. The black swan and the globe are for those who understand what happens just recent with a flat earth proof. It is a destruction of the globe and the people who understand know it. This is a wink to the people who see.
I think we are close to the end. Maybe 10 more years. Do not take a vaccine or a rfid chip. Mark of the beast. The virus is fake i am to inform to you. I pray you all have eyes to see this in time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dEA1YMCJtM
(342.47 KB 1000x600 autoontent.duckd[...].jpg)
People think this is real. lol
>>829 Does anyone here believe they did this to the car in space in 2018?
Almost all content on youtube about flat earth is gone now. It is being deleted and hidden. I am tired of it. And now russianvids channel is gone. Why do they censor it if it is just funny joke to them? The answer is because it is not a funny joke to them, it is a scary truth they hide from the people.
>>831 and the world is better without it
>>831 >is just funny joke Yes
(31.23 KB 1200x800 90.jpeg)
Wow are you ever stupid. You have to learn about physics. What does the earth look like from space? A flat plate? A square? GRAVITY pulls masses into a SPHERE once the mass is large enough roughly 500 miles across. Why would there be a mass lie about the shape of the earth anyway? What would the MOTIVE be???? We have a SPACE STATION that takes pictures every day. Look at the Hubble photos of EVERY planet found so far: They are all BALL shaped. IDIOTS
>>857 >You have to learn about physics. What does the earth look like from space? A flat plate? A square? Space is not a real place, any picture you see of space is fake, i am sorry to say to you this fact. NASA even addmit so they do not take a real picture, it is all computer graphics, but people still believe. >GRAVITY pulls masses into a SPHERE once the mass is large enough roughly 500 miles across. Prove it. Gravity how you believe is fake, gravity is just density & buoyancy and possibly electro magnetism. The earth is electrical in it nature. When do you see a ball making form from gravity, it is only a story you have been told. >Why would there be a mass lie about the shape of the earth anyway? What would the MOTIVE be???? To hide we live on a creation of course. To hide God from lost generations. If we live in a endless space with many world, all my accident to form so, then they say.. why do we need God? They hide and deny God. The earth is created my friend. >We have a SPACE STATION that takes pictures every day. Look at the Hubble photos of EVERY planet found so far: They are all BALL shaped. Again, all fake sorry to say to you. Even the picture you post here is fake.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqThzmd_jsc Listen to this song at 1:06 IT'S A NEVER ENDING ATTACK, EVERYTHING IS A LIE AND THAT IS A FACT, LIFE IS A LEMON AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK! The world is a stage. Real life is very scary if you know what is really out there.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpXSQDVqzsA Not music for my type i like but i like what he said at 0:40
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLpYUf4qEX8 it is every where... i can drown in it.... it is not by mistake... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLpYUf4qEX8
hi loomie >>831 they purged a bunch of alternative political channels too recently, dark times indeed, but music always warms the soul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLAZL5p54vY
>>871 Hey Cruise, good to see you. Yes and darker time is to come even more so, sad to say. Nice music, you have good taste in girls and music ;)
(120.50 KB 1280x720 me&qg.jfif)
me when i finally make qg see the truth
(25.03 KB 294x406 15535115_119[...].jpg)
>>874 lol
(92.26 KB 750x445 jfkmoon.jpg)
today is a very special day loomie, on this day in 1969, the apollo 11 mission set down on the moon how will you be celebrating??
>>879 it is a story only :) but nice moon there
(23.39 KB 1080x1080 106222673_27[...].jpg)
>>890 i forgot to post this
(95.05 KB 1080x1080 67215976_356[...].jpg)
(189.08 KB 1080x1346 90402472_206[...].jpg)
(112.81 KB 1080x1080 110355048_28[...].jpg)
i have loads of these now, i started saving cus of you powerful images
(66.88 KB 732x916 39349253_262[...].jpg)
(56.87 KB 1080x1350 64502353_346[...].jpg)
(178.02 KB 1080x1080 67900657_717[...].jpg)
(137.14 KB 1080x1074 82977967_207[...].jpg)
(83.20 KB 809x467 37838533_260[...].jpg)
(48.58 KB 1006x717 49858523_287[...].jpg)
(187.22 KB 1280x1280 67165185_113[...].jpg)
(215.84 KB 1080x1350 79585422_461[...].jpg)
(122.34 KB 900x900 81516104_197[...].jpg)
>>894 Nice flat girls, on our flat earth. And even nice music. The sun does get smaller as it moves away from you in a circle. Watch the sun how it shrink from you. The sun makes a giant circle over us. Think when something moves from you, it become smaller and goes close to the ground, until is is too small to see. When you see the truth you can not go back. We live on a flat earth, closed system. The sun and moon travel in a circle over us all. Cruise, just look at the pic >>892 here middle. You see how small the sun is in the girl hand. When it is in the sky higher it is larger. Why does it get smaller?
Even the light follow close to the sun and as it become small, why? It is small and local sun! The sun is smaller than the earth, it is a hard thing for people to understand this.
(3.93 MB 568x320 1598996158448.webm)
>>952 No only one earth. With a dome over our head. No space, no aliens, no layers of earth. Just earth lower heaven, the heavens of the air and the heavens of the most high.
MDK where did you find the video?
>>963 hallo und guten tag, mein freund
(329.04 KB 1080x1061 186a4935b5634c14[...].jpg)
(99.50 KB 1080x1080 72546363_161[...].jpg)
(89.52 KB 1080x1080 74437394_405[...].jpg)
(51.88 KB 1080x1080 118800301_23[...].jpg)
>>964 Du bist ein großer Schwuler
>>966 natürlich, dummkopf
(246.20 KB 1080x1080 67658669_421[...].jpg)
(119.28 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
WHO is the anon who post demon sigil on this board??? Please do not, there was a anon on qt garden some time who did so. I hated it and never looked, i can not stand for it here also. Do NOT mess with it. It i serious. DO NOT. It is not a joke.
>>964 Hi MDK
Why can i not report the post.....
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqThzmd_jsc IT IS A NEVER ENDING ATTACK EVERYTHING IS A LIE AND THAT IS A FACT LIFE IS A LEMON AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK They tell you the truth in the movies and the music, but people can not hear it. But I do not like the song it attacks God later, but it also has truth. It is part of the deal they make here on earth, for power and money they must also tell you some truth.
How much youtube change now wow.. if you search bubbles in space, you do not get the real info now. It is all hiden. And the top search is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEi0nT1nmFg do you notice how they deceive? They use the word exposed and space, so people who search for fake space exposed or anything like this, they will get only now the video they wish you to see. And the rest is buried deep by youtube. Just a few years ago you will see so many great info videos.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epetaQKgGrE This is old video but it is great proof. Look you can see he is in a big room studio with a cgi screen. Faking space.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avVYQ6k3N4E Look how amazing and beautiful the earth plane is. Good video to show what fish eye lens is, and what it really looks like without it.
>>979 You can report it but it's not against the rules. I allowed your thread even though no one else believes it so there is no reason to delete that one.
>>978 hallo mein freund, wie geht's?
(5.66 MB 1280x720 v4.mp4)
i was at the beach today, looms, lovely clear horizon >>988 nice gehts
(2.58 MB 3264x2448 c2.jpg)
(1.87 MB 3264x2448 c7.jpg)
(1.92 MB 3264x2448 c46.jpg)
kino earth
(76.59 KB 1024x683 Spiegel.jpg)
>>989 >>990 Very beautiful Tom. You have proof for flat earth on the video. >>988 Good, and you? :) >>987 Demonic sigils is dangerous. Flat earth is not. But thank you for keeping allow this thread. >>990 Flat salt bed image reflection of the sky, only on a flat earth.
>>987 and i hate to see it. Please for me?
(12.76 MB 1280x720 v1.mp4)
(7.29 MB 1280x720 v3.mp4)
>>991 yes its an incredibly beautiful spot. the ocean tried to attack me tho! see second vid 😱 >Flat salt bed image reflection of the sky i think thats my favorite pic
>>993 wow your country is amazing to see. God really made a beautiful place for us. Ah you just should take off your shoes there and enjoy the water.
>>994 >take off your shoes so you can lewd my feet??
(97.53 KB 720x890 flatx.jpg)
>>995 lol
(2.06 MB 3264x2448 c6.jpg)
(1.44 MB 3261x2038 c10.jpg)
>>996 you are right tho, i did want to walk out a bit but i was on my own, next time ill just say fug it and do it
(185.47 KB 1600x800 land_shallow[...].jpg)
>>996 He was referring to this image in particular, btw. Not talking about the general images of round earth. But you can keep sharing that meme cuz it makes you feel good.
>>997 It is good for the soul. >>998 No i hear the interview years ago.. and they talk of the "blue marble" he made the famous image. All photoshop
(43.53 KB 392x343 gcm.jpg)
>>999 ok so what did he make the famous image for if you heard it?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLrEPzPFCbc it has to be photoshopped because there is no other way to get the image. Why not just take a single picture? Why all "orbit lines" and add clouds.... add detail... just take a picture. But of course they can not!
>>1001 The blue marble modern version.
>>1002 Im not watching your videos, answer the question
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLRJL7MExjE blue marble 2.0 modern NASA fake image of earth
>>1004 i did
>>1003 right and then explained why he had to. but sorry i wont another one of your videos again so I'ma need other proof from intelligent people
(38.30 KB 607x559 issx.jpg)
>>1007 yes... he is saying to you it is not a real image of earth. It is what i said. Fake earth image, even NASA admit so. But people still believe it is a real image of earth from space.
>>1009 we all believe dumb things based on what we want. this thread exists for that reason. just how we work.
>>991 Mir geht's gut! Der Zehennagel an meinem gebrochenen Zeh fiel ab. Was hast du so gemacht? using capital letters to practice german makes me feel like i'm doing an assignment
(1.84 MB 384x216 1593985958748.gif)
Eine Flasche Wasser bitte. Es reimt sich!
>>1011 Autsch!! all i think of now is the pain cringe
There is no gravity. Everything falls or rises because of relative density. The medium decides if something goes up or down based on the density of the object. The medium is the air or water in the natural world. There is man made medium that natural can not make so. It is a vacuum. So people will say why does all object go down in a vacuum. ah ha they say, it must be gravity, the invisible force that is not proven. But they are wrong, a vacuum i believe is just a new medium which lacks any density. SO all object of any density default to down. WHY down though? BECAUSE all objects are more dense than the medium (vacuum) I know gravity is false because when the medium is water, the direct of less dense objects to the water will rise or float. And some substance can even form layers in water. THEY FIND THEIR LEVEL and rest at the level. It is so clear to me. No paranormal gravity. Just science RELATIVE DENSITY in a medium explains it all.
Also directs are relative to perspective of the human who observes. My left is your right for example. People get so caught up on direct and think that down is because of gravity. But it is not need for a understanding. Please all just science no pretend force.
The medium is the key
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQSx90of_H8 Here look. The egg is normal water will sink. Because the egg is more dense than the water. The egg in salt water will float. Because the salt changed the medium (water) so now the medium is denser. more dense than egg. And very important. When he then add normal water to the salt water, you see the egg float a little to the middle. It find it new level. The level where the egg is not more or less dense than the medium and rests there. Not at the bottom, not at the top. No gravity is required for this. ALL RELATIVE DENSITY.
>>1034 Look now at 1:34 see how it does not fall but is pushed from the top. It is because the medium is layers of density. The real force and direct will happen depending on the object and the medium. If we have gravity the force will just pull the whole object down at once. But you can see in slow motion is it crushed from above and force down to the ground. The ground is the ultimate level and so will stop and rest there.
If a U-Boat travels in a straight line under water for 20 miles, will it arrive at the surface? Because if the earth is curved so this is what will happen. But the answer is no, the boat will stay inder water at the same depth. Proof there is no curve.
The same for an aircraft going into "space" if it travels level for too long.
There is a dome above us all
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEO6DUyzgTA God said let there be a firmament. The dome. NASA calls it the "van allen radiation belt"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LGVZaHCfpM skip to 22:09 for a good understanding of the earth.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zL1qhU1-j8 they show us the truth but people still do not see. They dream of one day breaking Gods firmament. It is impossible though.
They tried to nuke the dome in the 1950's. Nothing could destroy it.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZoic9vg1fw early 60's actually. Operation fishbowl then operation Dominic (Of the lord) Fish bowl of the Lord.
Just look how the nuke will smash into the firmament and explode out.
(51.77 KB 1280x720 plutofake5637.jpg)
(87.31 KB 962x893 pluto.duckduckgo.com.jpg)
They laugh at you space man Here look at "pluto"
Big shocks for our American friends coming soon.Watch the news over few days, if what i heard is true then big things will happen. Biden supporters will not be happy. I am neutral in it but both sides have big problems with me, they both play the same game. Dark forces at work here.
Not is all what it seems. They want to divide and conquer, make everyone angry and fighting.
Everyone watch this. Go with it, it is excellent video. https://www.bitchute.com/video/4cSjtely3W21/
>>1071 I like you so I'll just say stick to flat earth. most of us arent as dumb as you seem to think we are and we dont need some conspricy video from you to understand American politics, including its corrupt part. Just stick to domes and antarctica rings or whatever
(722.79 KB 1920x1080 20201102231314_1.jpg)
(656.56 KB 1920x1080 20201110025854_1.jpg)
this counts as flat earth ;D first campaign with the new laptop, check the capital city ;)
>>1077 Hey Cruise :) ha how did you do it? You have a healthy growing empire there. The game never gets tiresome does it... i make a new game. Funny how you say about flat earth related... no one questions so the maps in games are always flat. When you wrap a map over a ball it ruins everything. The simple truth is reality is just flat, not a magical ball spinning inside a place called space (can not exist) An endless vacuum, space just goes on forever and ever, people really believe it. RANDOM CHAOS. Planets just form because of "GRAVITY" then billions of years random matter forms into amazing CODED genetic database (DNA) amazing how so chaos can do this....amazing.... Then that life just over more millions of years creates creature and people who are aware. SELF AWARE. The univese has become aware!!! People really believe it. I am shocked to my core how well the devil has fooled all. Do you people know that DNA is INFORMATION. Coded. Trust me, chaos does not create this. When you understand earth and all thing on earth is created, then is it so far away to see the truth in your eyes? That earth is flat. Just look it is flat, you see no curve. SHOW ME THE CURVE NOW. You cannot, no one can show me. It is not real.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wn4iNOoKrGQ This is the theme for the thread now, you like cruise?
I don't know if i said this before, but when God created us in his image, I do not think it means God looks as a human with a head, arms legs etc. It means the soul. God is a spirit, a soul. God made us in his image, we are a soul, not our body. In his image as in we can love, hate, show mercy, anger. Just like God. We need a body to experience this reality on earth, think of the body as a suit, designed just for the soul to experience this plane of reality. I believe earth is the lower heaven. The spirits of the air are the demons, who are the falllen 1/3rd of the angels who fell with lucifer. God gave us dominion over earth, but in the sins of men they gave away power to the devil. All these "ghosts" you hear about, they are not human souls of the dead... they are demons trying to fool you. Human souls of the dead are asleep and will be resurrected by God for the final judgement when the time comes. Anyone who talk with the dead, they are fooled, they talk with unclean non human spirits.
(528.22 KB 1920x1080 20201113015811_1.jpg)
(643.26 KB 1920x1080 20201113013546_1.jpg)
(9.92 MB 640x800 sof trance.mp4)
>>1079 just click on the city name in the information scroll and you can change it to whatever you want the teutonic knights have arrived in Loomsburg, will be useful for the upcoming crusade, although im excommunicated atm for sacking rome hehe.... >The game never gets tiresome does it its the game i have the most hours on in steam, thought id never go back to vanilla after having played the stainless steel mod but i randomly started a venice campaign a of couple weeks ago and just got sucked in again. i also got rome 2 and shogun 2 on sale but haven't played them yet >I am shocked to my core how well the devil has fooled all we must purify the unbelievers, looms *unzips battle axe* >>1080 (d*_*b) TUNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
>>1082 Ohhh i did not know you can change the names, all the years of playing and no idea lol. Yes the guild houses are very useful. Make sure you build the best grand guild house, i think one only can be built. In real life i would never kill a soul in any war or battle but its fun to wage war in a game. Yes you said so about the mod "stainless steel" i still never tried yet. I really should. Now i know i can change city names, i will name them after qt's :p https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0M1gsvEC_s
All praise to the most high who created the heavens and the earth and all things in them.
>>1082 Also, invade Iberia, conquer them then send troops to north afrika. There are very nice gold mines in timbuktu. It should end any money problem for you.
Sorry if i have made this post before. But just in case i missed it. https://www.bitchute.com/video/8FJgiBylG5Gd/ It is very basic baby truther info. Very basic flat earth truth.
Using bitchute now because youtube attacks anything flat earth in a aggressive way. https://www.bitchute.com/video/XvAwLc7FZm2z/ classic teaching aid. But very very basic in the flat earth topic. This is things children would be teach in school.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87M2i61N1cU eye open video for you. Proof of geocentricity. The earth does not move and is the center of the "universe" all the universe is is just earth and the sky and the heavens. Not space. Sadly Malcom believes the earth is a ball and in space. But he understands the earth is motionless.
(788.34 KB 1280x720 monke.webm)
Intellectual honesty. I like to test you now. Okay so, if I tell to you water is not wet. What will you answer be? You will say, no you're wrong Looms, water is wet. And I will ask you, how do you know it is wet? And you might say to me, well On my years on earth here i have experienced water as wet, if I touch water I get wet, I can sense the water is wet, i feel it. My hands becomes wet. And so i will say, okay so you can find for yourself the water is wet. And I would be defeated and show to me i am wrong. NOW I make now a claim that the sun is smaller than earth. And you will say to me, no Looms you're wrong. And I will say okay how do you know the sun is bigger than earth. And you will say 1)NASA tells me 2)NASA prove to me with science 3NASA shows to me pictures 4)My teacher tells me so in school 5)I learn this fact as a child and everyone believes it so. And I say to you, okay so non of the answers you experience yourself? And your answer is always NO So you thinking the earth is smaller than sun is given to you by other humans who claim. You did not test it for your own experience. So you must be honest, you have only a belief and trust the sun is bigger than earth.
Today I will talk of this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans-Australian_Railway The trans Australian railway. The railway includes the longest stretch of straight track in the world. A Commonwealth Railways map marks the western end as 793 miles from Port Augusta, between Loongana and Nurina, and states: "The 'Long Straight' extends from this point for a distance of 297 miles and terminates at the 496 miles [sic] between Ooldea and Watson. The long straight 297 miles of railway track. Railway track must be even and level or the train will derail. You can not have curved track. So let us now calculate here.... The earth curve calc tells me 296 miles on a curve earth will give 58000 ft of curve. Imagine that in your mind. 58000 ft. It is about over 11 MILES of curve. If you believe the globe earth you also believe the track curves 11 miles but is also straight and level to the ground. If you understand this then you also understand no curve on earth. Also on the wiki, they know this it is why they add "According to former astronaut Andy Thomas, the line is identifiable from space because of its unnatural straightness: "It's a very fine line, it's like someone has drawn a very fine pencil line across the desert" They must add this, always the space lie to something not even relate to space. Because anyone who thinks for themself is in danger to see the truth from the fact of this rail track.
Anyone have something to say about this? Serious thoughts. I am interest to know what you think.
>>1114 Merry Christmas Tommy, hope you have a happy day. :)
Any discuss with me apparent horizon vs physical earth curve? A ball earth must have physical horizon, but we do not see any evidence for it. Ball earth believers ignore perspective and talk about the size of objects in the distance as there actual size not apparent size with distance. They use this to explain things vanish in the distance, they claim behind the earth curve. But the truth is on a flat plane you can not see forever because of perspective and things shrink with distance from the observer. The viewing angle become so small, no resolution can be made by the eye. And not even to account for distortion of the air which act so as a lenns.
(114.61 KB 1280x720 934adf.jpg)
>>1143 I can always see a horizon...
>>1101 Through a telescope with UV light filters I have seen sun is bigger than Earth. Not hard to prove. Find me something harder.
>>1145 Yeah the horizon is apparent. Not actual.
Everyone has their own horizon. It's not an actual curve edge. It's all perspective.
>>1146 how did you tell the sun was bigger than earth?
I do not believe in flat earth. Show me picture of flat earth. You cannot. All flat earth pictures are faked. Flat earth is a conspiracy designed to cause dissent and spark war among the people. Moon, sun, other planets, we can see are orbs through telescopes. Did earth get squashed and become flat? No. More lies. If earth got squashed there would be a massive explosion and earth would most likely be rubble. And if not rubble, and earth magically became flat, our oceans would drain out the bottom. All the lava for volcanoes would be pushed to the surface and burn us all. No more geothermal activity from our core. A flat earth would not be able to hold an orbit around the sun and we would be flung violently into space. Like a Frisbee. No flat earth photo is real. All lies. Just governments trying to turn people against people.
>>1149 Distance of light over time by size. Not hard. You can math the size of a tennis ball from a long distance away.
>>1147 If it is not actual, how is it apparent?
>>1152 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZ_yfQfBY-E The horizon is apparent because it's not an actual curve edge obstruction. The horizon is apparent only to the observer, there is no curve edge. My horizon is different to your horizon. If I am stood on your shoulder, or if i zoom in, the horizon will change. And it is not because i am peak over the curve ;) as the flat table in this video show for you.
>>1153 So it changes for you because you peek over the curve more from a higher vantage?
>>1150 non of it makes sense. You try to imagine the earth in all heliocentric terms. >>1151 pseudoscience and you pre suppose distance and size. It is called begging the question. >>1154 No. Did you no pay attention to the video i show to you?
Even on a LEVEL table, that is small, object vanish from the bottom as it move away. WHY? Ther eis no curve for it to hide behind. This is simple what happen in the world also. It is just how our eyes see things. Our vision narrow to a point. Ask any artist who creates landscape pictures.
>>1155 How is measuring distance pseudo-science? We do it every day. How does it not make sense? Do you not believe in the ocean or lava? I do not watch YouTube videos. YouTube is moderated by the governments. They like to spout lies. Like flat earths and giants in Russia. I followed what you said. If the horizon is different for you from a higher perspective, it would mean you're seeing more than I can see which would be impossible if it was all flat. Like looking at an infinite table top. We would both see the same horizon. It would only change if there were a curve or an end. Nobody has found or seen an end to the earth.
>>1157 > If the horizon is different for you from a higher perspective, it would mean you're seeing more than I can see which would be impossible if it was all flat. But the simple video is proof you are wrong. We see it all the time. The video is showing you right there, even on a tiny distance. Imagine how much more the effect on a huge earth like we have. lol People always ignore perspective, it is amazing to me. Even when i show them proof they just ignore. Measuring distance of something only work correct if you know for sure what the object is and what size it is. But you pre suppose the sun to be a giant object and pre suppose what it is and where it is, then use the data to give you a distance. So you beg the question from the start. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Begging_the_question
assuming the conclusion
>>1156 Maybe you gave eye problem. Its not your fault. On a level table top, no matter the size, if I place a quarter at the end and look at it from surface level, I can always see where the quarter touches the surface. I would only try glasses if I were you. Contacts have tracking chips by the government and laser tries to insert false memories in your brain. It happened to a friend of someone I know.
>>1160 Ad hominem now and red herring
>>1158 No, I am taking in the perspective. You say it changes for you. Can't happen if it is a flat surface all the way. And the measurement of the distance of the sun is not a presupposition, it is measured by how fast light travels. We can prove how fast light travels here on earth. So we already have the equation in place. And I'm pretty sure it is not a presupposition that it is the sun. Until you have proof there is an edge to the earth you are only believing in the false religion perpetuated by the governments. Private companies have flown planes around the earth non stop. They never found an edge. But somehow landed where they started from while never deviating their direction. Don't believe government lies.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IIPJQ-1jlc skip to 2:12 >>1162 well i never did claim edge of earth. I dont think there is edge to fall over. I believe we are in enclosed system. But that is just my belief i make so science claims for this. But i know for sure the earth is not moving and not a ball. By the way, you can circumnavigate on a flat earth. It is just east to west or west to east in a circle keeping north to your left or right all the time.
GLOBE EARTH IS THE ULTIMATE GOVERNMENT LIE OKAY. nasa are just liars. You believe all the fake photograph of earth.
>>1163 How is that possible if there is no magic door to go through? I cannot walk in one direction down my street and appear back at my house? Unless you mean there is no south pole?? More government lies... An enclosed system would have some sort of boundary though?
I think earth is enclosed because you need a container for gas pressure. And we have gas pressure. I do not think the pressure gradient of gas explains why we have gas pressure near a supposed vaccum.
>>1165 The middle of earth is the north pole. A circle around the pole is east and west. And yes there is no south pole, south is ALL directions opposite to north. So south is all directions which go to the outer "edge" of earth. What we call the antarctica
>>1164 NASA was privately run when globe earth photos were taken. Yes, some government funding. But they wanted to use space exploration as a military advantage at the time. Private companies have exited the atmosphere and taken photos of curved horizons. Only the government refuses to send anyone to space any more. They perpetuated the flat earth lie and are still doing so. They do not want us to focus on space. That's why they keep cutting back space funding and it is now the private companies taking up the burden. The government want society to fall under a close minded banner so we are easier to control.
>>1168 hmm no the media does all it can to censor flat earth debate. Just look at youtube, they hide videos, delete accounts, put up a banner for all flat earth video saying it is false. Trust me i have been in the flat earth scene for many years and i can will tell you here it is more heavy censorship the past years. So they try to hide it not promote. They do want us to focus on space, it is why we see so much from nasa, and elon musk and other people. Cars floating in space etc. Promise for people to go mars etc. By the way, you know they use fish eye lenns right and understand how it distorts the image?
>>1166 The government has kept you in the dark about magnets. You can buy them. Some people have them on fridges. If you make an electro magnet, which you can use copper wire and an electricity source, or have tons of molten metal rotating at a high velocity, almost like an electric motor, you will be able to create a magnetic force which is able to repel certain atoms and attract certain atoms. A powerful enough electro magnetic force is able to create an atmosphere type of environment trapping gasses and molecules inside its range. Obviously the more powerful the force, the more powerful the container. You can do small scale experiments of this in your own home.
>>1170 non sequitur :p :)
>>1169 I think you will see that flat earth lies are becoming a lot more prominent over the past 12 months due to all social media companies including YouTube being forced into government regulation. Perhaps they still hold onto the truth in a small aspect by flagging government conspiracies as false information as they are still privately owned. However, with the governments forcing their way in to free thinking more and more, I can only predict that it will change and more and more people will believe their propaganda. Elon musk is private. Not government. Space X has done more in the last 5 years than NASA has done in 50 due to the shackles the government placed upon it. Only the private companies are promising space flight to the public. The government continuously tries to mock and degrade their achievements. They are afraid that society will realise all their lies and unfounded conspiracies that make no scientific sense.
>>1171 Does this mean you are unable to argue against these facts? And this is your last ditch effort for denial. Ah, the blindness of government controlled minds...
Tee Hee, and Ha Ha ha ha, ho ho ho, ha. Whew! Thanks for the good laughs, as the mundane narrative of yesteryear continues to bring-forth it's given "Evidence" unto something so unimportant to ponder really. There is no benefit to say the world is round if it were not round. If the world were flat, there is no benefit to anything nor anyone by saying it were round if it wasn't. It's a Non Sequitur. Conspiracy in purpose, happens when there is a true benefit to those proposing something to create an alternative reality to justify their given end means, or to keep something hidden for a clandestine purpose for profit, or keep from prosecution, or to subdue a population from some ill truth. As such, nothing is gained nor lost, nor is there any benefit for saying the Earth is anything but what it has been determined to be, with the accepted and truly proven globe it is. Wasting time on such drivel when there are things going on with our Earth that should be focused upon that truly do make a difference, no matter which particular shape we wish it to be.
(148.58 KB 1080x1319 emberlee_off[...].jpg)
loominagh o'loomeil
You never debate with the stupid. If you're stupid enough to believe this all you need is a bullet to the skull before breed more morons.
Without morons we wouldn't have jack shit to get off to. Everything would be watered down and useless like Maisie's stuff is.
>>1259 Also, don't forget that the universe just happened by accident.
(133.89 KB 703x960 258767334_10[...].jpg)
the math checks out, its a sphere
Arguing on the internet is like being in the Special Olympics. It doesn't matter who wins, you're both still retarded.
(623.59 KB 2308x3000 91083_MC4000[...].jpg)
>>1817 Now this here is a man of wisdom (pic miranda cossgrove)
>>1818 who dis?
(120.08 KB 1920x1920 pop-up-sfeerfoto[...].webp)
>>1819 ur mome
if it's flat, how are day and night explained?


no cookies?