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Music Thread! tick-tocker 06/02/2018 (Sat) 18:06:14 No. 5
Post and talk about tunes, bops, and maaaybe some ditties
>11 not a metal fan but this was ok to me. reminds me of some of prog just a lot heavier. the kind of vocals like in >>12 always throw me off tho lol
i also don't usually listen to this genre but this is p nice
i like the vocals in general and how they bring some in at about 3:05 and how they ramp it back up again with it
>not a metal fan but this was ok to me
Rob Halford has some of best vocals in metal alongside Bruce Dickinson, i understand what you mean about >>12 though lol, my focus is on the guitar stuff tbh

>i also don't usually listen to this genre but this is p nice
yeah vocal trance is a genre all on its own, not one im particular familiar with, but if you liked that you may enjoy this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxiv4EPcO4A
>i understand what you mean about >>12 though lol, my focus is on the guitar stuff tbh
have you listened to much prog rock?

oh his name is familiar. he must be one of the big names in trance.
not really my cup of tea

>yeah vocal trance is a genre on its own
i can believe that. electronic music is sooo vast. like a billion sub-genres all going in vastly different directions
>have you listened to much prog rock?
not really tbh, tool is the only prog band i really got into, not for lack of liking it, just my focus was elsewhere

>not really my cup of tea
lol im not surprised, i just threw it out there to see ;) thats tiesto's remix, the original has a much different feel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZA-je1_Ejq0

>electronic music is sooo vast
believe me i know man ;) i went down that rabbit hole years ago, about 80% of the stuff i listen to now is electronic despite coming from a rock background! Heres a useful guide: http://techno.org/electronic-music-guide/
i've never even checked out tool but i've heard the name mentioned.
for me, i'm a fan of a lot of classic prog (before a lot of groups went all synthy and 80s with their sound).

i could recommend a lot of different stuff but this was my first proper intro to the genre.


this is trueeee :P
the man has too much music lol
i've listened to nowhere near all of it and i commend anyone who has. i consider myself a fan for sure but he's still a challenging listen sometimes because he was so out of the box.
was listening to "one size fits all" sorta recently. YEUGH. absolutely nasty record!
I don't listen to a bunch of their stuff but Yes is pretty good

and now one from my favorite band ever

this songs changes time signatures way too many times.

lol that song. Zappa should've written children's books.

Their first 3 albums, "The Yes Album", "Close to the Edge", and "Fragile" are their best albums in my opinion but then again I haven't listened to a ton of their later stuff. But their lineup changed a bit and like I said, they (just like a lot of prog groups) shifted their sound moving into the 80s.
a Yes fave of mine:

ohh Primus? I've definitely heard their name come up but never listened before
always appreciate musical virtuosity, even in genres or bands i don't particularly care for. like, for me, dragonforce is just really boring and uninteresting musically BUT i gotta respect their ability to shred lol

>this song changes time signatures way too many times
t-that's one of my musical fetishes tbh

>i could recommend a lot of different stuff but this was my first proper intro to the genre.
i really enjoyed that, it had some great moments, makes me wish i still smoked weed, its real 'close your eyes and get lost in music'. Reminds me of Pink floyd in that way. Whats your favorite prog album?

ive heard good things about Primus, whats your favorite album of theirs?
Oh yeah PF is great too. Haven't listened to all their stuff but DSotM and Animals are obviously great. I also like Atom Heart Mother.

Hmmmm favorite prog album? tbh CttE has been my fave but there's still a whole lot of prog I haven't listened to.
If I had to pick one it'd be either Fizzle Fry or Pork Soda. Their last album is pretty good too.

Also started listening to these guys a few weeks ago, no bully.

Nice, will have to watch :) 👍👍
did you give Primus a listen?

wow that was not what i expected at all! such a funky sound, the drummer and bass player are both class, they go perfectly together, pretty heavy at times too and the guitarist just doing his own thing ;). Its really funny in some places, especially this bit:

>This guy's pretty bizarre Gus
i laughed out loud lol
my first guitar teacher lent me this album, ill never forget hearing this song for the first time, god bless you doc <3


pork soda is next :)
this is a constant in my favorite Maiden songs

Not the full song but I look forward to when it's released when the game comes out:

adding to the video game theme, I still like this song


and I was a little late with liking this song but Maroon 5 usually puts out good stuff
nice lad, had a cigarette and chilled out...
such a good song huh?

This thread is lacking some soul tbh

(22.02 KB 487x480 1511717773816.jpg)
today i shall @ lew
I'm no guitarist but the shit at the 4:00 minute mark almost made me jizz my pants

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(4.06 MB 1280x720 russian black me[...].webm)
that pic...lol

niice. haven't heard most of his older work but i gave AE a try when it came out and it was my first real listening experience of him. love that record. music video for Aint It Funny is also freakin great
>tfw people still don't wanna take drug addiction seriously tho..

forgot about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. i remember really digging Maps back whenever it was that I first heard it
yea i didn't listen to much of his older stuff (other than xxx) either until i saw him live and heard it then
i like all the videos from atrocity exhibition but yea ain't it funny is the best one

(71.94 KB 630x630 1200x630bb.jpg)
don't know exactly what to expect from his new album but i revisited this album a few days ago and man did i enjoy it.
i love when u can pick up on bars and themes way after the first listen.

oh u saw danny live?? that must've been dope
dang. i think i got used to what he was doing on AE and now a lot of the earlier doesn't sound left-field enough lol

was this in game or movie trailer or something?
I never saw the movie but it was in the trailer

which movie?

ha this is p fun
very vintage feel
almost reminds me of a less psychedelic but more frantic take on something MGMT would've done a few years ago
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Ready Player One
ayy this is pretty nice. and i like how the instrumental builds up over time
nice lad ;)


yeeeeeeeeeeeoooooopppppppppp yyyyyyyyyyyhhhhhhhhheeeeeeee
yeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!! :)


thoughts on Metallica? this is one of the tightest live performances ive ever seen tbh
oh man thank you for reminding of that song, we need keyboards back in rock!

whatever happened to them smh! Also nice song.

unf! need to get to back into deep purple boi


@ 6:35 for the epic keyboard ;)

also love the keyboard in this
Someone ask about keyboards??

This live solo is epic
epic indeed ;)

somewhat related to keyboards, i love this live version


this guy's channel is amazing if you like electronic music or just electronics in general cause he makes most of his tone generators and shit.
ah this is pretty nice

i like some piano stuff. went through a pretty big phase of impressionist music back in high school. listened to a ton of debussy and ravel, some satie too at the time. def glad i took that history of music class in hs cuz it opened me up even more to different kinds of music i hadn't really looked into much before.
a fave:
not something you hear often in dance music, @ 3.45 for an exquisite time signature change

im trying to think of all the times ive heard one...

@ 5.30, this one isn't so subtle :P
e-mantra has a new album out, the guy is a god of modern Goa

still haven't decided my fav tracks from it yet, but these two play back to back on his 2009 release 'Arcana' trance at its finest ;)

Heres a precious little gem i just found tonight.

(1.29 MB 999x2317 Screenshot_2[...].png)
Awesome etc had a chick playing an acoustic guitar banner when i come to post, i have this incoming :)
oh she sounds nice dig her voice
pretty too

what color is that?
Its the Yamaha FS820. Sounds great too :)
Nice cause its a smaller body, and comfy to play for an acoustic :)
(1.17 MB 2080x1560 1023181105.jpg)

bretty gud tbh shop grace face on this
:) JT is the man
Cake- the distance
Fekken nice :) it's been a while since ive heard that one 👍👍
Seen them live at ozzfest 2004 :) hell yeah
In case you're young and didn't get to catch this when it was done. Absolute classic acoustic performance by Nirvana.


I remember getting a blank vhs tape and recording this on it. I'm sure i have it somewhere lol prolly in the attic in a box.
oh man what a great performance
didn't see it when it was done ofc but it's great. they got me into Meat Puppets actually who i got really into a few years ago. started when i was rewatching this unplugged lol
Oh good shit. Theyve got some good tunes that's for sure.
yeah i think so
haven't listened to a bunch outside of "meat puppets II" and "up on the sun"
the summer i found out about them i listened to "up on the sun" album sooooo much. know that shit backwards and forwards lol
(135.66 KB 1440x639 Screenshot_2[...].png)
It doesnt state it, but pic related


didn't realise that was odb's son until i checked the comments, pretty cool

they just anyone and everyone on there huh
from the obscure and up-and-coming to the acclaimed
tiny desk is great
(19.45 KB 425x425 saintnick.jpg)

Everyone watch this... BUT.. watch from 1 min and 12 second, this is when the song starts.. watch all the video....
issa bop
Damn. Happy is a fucked up video lol
yeah :P
p cool
My favorite cover of Sound of Silence.

(280.39 KB 1000x588 Brushtail_Po[...].jpg)
a lot different to what i've heard of their stuff before and i don't hate it tbh

(6.30 MB 251x252 1553275726_q[...].gif)

Can we make it embed the video again please?
The land of the morning star. Morning star is lucifer.

Good song but they call for the wrong angel.

/w/ music group

I am the singer and you all in the band. Cruise on the drums.
(10.85 KB 239x251 1275269280806.jpg)
Make it embed the video again please? Is it possible?
(293.60 KB 498x401 bop.gif)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwLSrNu1ppI finally good to see embed is working again.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0u22gLqxGg Me and my date at the start.
(82.43 KB 1015x805 20200711_160101.jpg)
>>860 i dont ever wanna feeeeeeeeel like i did that day but take me to the place i looooooooove take me all the way
(61.66 KB 720x480 thebeachboys1974[...].jpg)
(246.12 KB 492x333 BeachBoysMaharishi.png)
(52.13 KB 615x409 harrison-ravi-62[...].jpg)
(287.74 KB 1280x999 05369b36dfb8b3b6[...].jpg)
REPLY TO FOY >>212516 >Like their greatest song list puts Dylan at #1. Never cared for Dylan, can appreciate it though. But it really is a case of you have to KNOW the history to really understand why he is #1. Whaat? Dylan is GREAT He is an excellent songwriter, even if you don't like his voice. I do, but sometimes I prefer covers of his songs by other bands like the Byrds' Mr. Tambourine Man (the change from 2/4 to 4/4 really makes a world of difference) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYLKlgalHMs the Byrds' You Ain't Goin' Nowhere https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9X7orQPA-Y the 13th Floor Elevators' It's All Over Now Baby Blue (GOAT cover, psychedelicized) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGqEFQ5xmjU Idk about him winning the Nobel Prize though. Besides the ones awarded to contributions to the natural sciences or mathematics, I think they have as much credibility as the Academy Awards or Rolling Stone Mag's lists tbh >Same can be said of Sgt Pepper or Pet Sounds. Not just good albums, but they changed the business forever. Everything builds on what came before so without Pet Sounds there is no Sgt Pepper and without Sgt Pepper etc etc Yeah but a lot was because they were as big as they were and marketed well (less so with Pet Sounds but still, the BB were huge then still). There are so many fantastic records from the 60s way ahead of their time that were much more innovative but they were unheard of by most. Even the Velvet Underground and Nico suffered this fate, though there are much more obscure than that. It happens with films too, see Carpenter's "The Thing" remake from the 80s >Revolver might be better IMO. I will say that both of them have perhaps the best 1+2 song combos of all time. Tax Man + Eleanor Rigby or Sgt Peppers + Little Help. Doesn't get much better than that. Revolver is much more psychedelic and experimental, definitely acid-tinged, but there's something about the vibe of Rubber Soul that does it for me. I think I may like that one more still overall. It's definitely more of a "cannabis" album, the cover, the production, the songs. Plus it's the record that's more important for the Beatles' own history/discography as it's the first one where they really diverge and start making their own, creative songs as artists rather than as a Brit Invasion boy band. >Could spend hours talking about how The Beatles and Beach Boys changed everything. Eleanor Rigby, God Only Knows, Good Vibrations, A day in the life. Four songs that broke the mold Good songs, I would add Strawberry Fields Forever. One single where I think the Beatles really fucked up was not including Rain on Rubber Soul or Revolver (or any LP for that matter). It's very kino, ahead of its time too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cK5G8fPmWeA With the BB, Good Vibrations was a landmark recording, not just for the band but pop music as a whole. The cut-up style, Brian recording it in sections at different studios across LA just to get the vibe/sound of that studio, the weird mix of instruments. It's the inevitable conclusion to where he was going with Pet Sounds' recording style and a precursor to SMiLE. The one after Good Vibrations, the follow up single, taking that "modular" style of recording further, was supposed to be "Heroes and Villains" for SMiLE, but it was a failure and SMiLE never came out. A version was released on Smiley Smile but it is a poor product compared to the intended original single. It was never completed as intended but a decent version was released for the Smile Sessions in 2011 Personally, my favorite stuff the Beach Boys actually released was in the aftermath of Smile from 1967-1973. I also like the later 70s stuff from '76-'79 but their absolute BEST material recorded from that period was never released. If you listen to the bootlegs Adult/Child, California Feelin', and even the CHRISTMAS album from 77-78 that became MIU (criminally underrated album itself), it's full of gems still unreleased to this day
(43.83 KB 736x736 2fc92d2bcf352a2d[...].jpg)
(46.82 KB 512x457 syd-psych.jpg)
>>880 >I think Paul was the best song writer when he was with The Beatles. Lennon probably had the better solo career. But this just depends on what you like Yeah, for sure. I'm a John guy and I could tell you were a Paul guy just from your preferences as far as film tbh. Paul did write some good songs, I think he was the more commercial songwriter though. Yesterday is an absolute classic. I like the story behind its conception, with Paul hearing the melody in his dream and then playing it for the rest of the band, asking them if it was already a song that existed or not. That's happened to me a few times but never something that's been fleshed out as great as Yesterday. I like John's experimental qualities. Come Together, I can take or leave, but Strawberry Fields Forever is great and ofc his solo material >Read a great quote about how when together they kept each other in check, Paul wasn't too sappy and John wasn't too trippy Definitely. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts and all that. Truly a shining example of Gestalt theory. I think this is the case with lots of bands, honestly, or even collaborations with just artists in general. >By using the Stones list I am using a broad based list by a lot of people in the industry The industry of overpaid, ego-inflated, rock "critics" and journalists? It's just the same safe, unoriginal bs >There are a few other lists, but some are just nuts like NME's list were some of them just listed THEIR favorite albums. maybe they had good reason for having the albums as their favorite >NME oh wait >Floyd- personal opinions. Piper, Saucerful, Atom Heart Mother, Ummagumma are objectively more experimental than Wish You Were Here and the Wall. Soul vs soulless. 4chan vs Reddit
(46.26 KB 430x434 gang of four ent[...].jpg)
(30.14 KB 220x220 220px-Magazine&#[...].jpg)
(199.99 KB 924x908 birthday_par[...].jpg)
(29.05 KB 300x300 Mission_of&#[...].jpg)
(112.17 KB 589x600 R-2838321-1303340982.jpeg)
>>881 >if you like the Post Punk sound (I love it) when check out those songs Of course I do. I didn't think you would like it though honestly. > Post Punk is one of my fav all time genres based >what came out in late 70s to early 80s. Back to basics rock in roll. Was a direct push back to the over produced stuff from the 70s Yeah but I think it was really the first gen of '77 punk that came out first as a reaction to this. Stuff like the New York Dolls which, going back to them, is very Stones-ish but early Stones, or stuff like the Sex Pistols (I think they're a little overrated but culturally/historically/musically significant. I MUCH prefer John Lydon's Public Image Limited, who I would classify as post-punk), or especially the RAMONES, with their Beach Boys inspired short 3 chord pop numbers. Post-punk came out of this original punk phenomenon, which used the motto that simplicity is key, and again only used 3 chords (if that many) usually. They weren't musicians in the conventional sense, at least not learned musicians, and scoffed at virtuoso instrument mastery. I agree that this is much more in the vein of early Rock and Roll (though there are some phenomenal musicians in there, be it guitar players like Elvis' Scotty Moore, or boogie-woogie piano players like Fats Domino, etc). Post-punk was more ambitious and artier, becoming of fusion of many different genres. Out of it came New Wave, Synth Pop, and the like, which were also very anti-commercial in their inception but became a mainstream trend in the earlier part of the 80s. >ack to basics rock in roll. Was a direct push back to the over produced stuff from the 70s. Listen to Kansas and Boston and ELO and then The Clash and it is pretty much the clash throwing a middle finger at that studio stuff Yes, I'm aware. I think it was more the arena rock, 10 min guitar solo (or flute solo with prog bands) wank, rather than the studio production. I think the production of punk records, and especially the innovations in the production on post-punk records is fantastic. It picks up where the 60s experimentation left off. There's something that still holds up about those late 60s albums, which sound warm and analog, rather than a lot of 70s or especially 80s production which sounds so much more dated today usually. >we going to do it old fashioned way in one take I think a lot of that stuff was more polished than you think or at least give credit for. Maybe not by the band themselves originally but by masterful producers and engineers who recorded stuff like Joy Division's debut for example. Also you have punk producers like Steve Albini who sit in the pantheon alongside some of the greatest music producers of all time
(648.55 KB 1000x1000 the-pleasure-pri[...].jpg)
(16.38 KB 300x300 51gf4yJtlOL._[...].jpg)
(493.49 KB 1000x1000 the-age-of-plast[...].jpg)
(347.93 KB 1046x1070 costello_my-[...].jpg)
(193.47 KB 1000x1000 klaus-nomi-4de50[...].jpg)
>>882 >And from Post Punk you get New Wave and Synth pop Yeah I just brought up. I'm a big fan, mostly of the earlier stuff that came out of the CBGB circuit like a lot of the punk at the time. Stuff like B-52s, Talking Heads, Blondie, Klaus Nomi. I like a lot of those early synth pop records and have quite a few on vinyl. Stuff like Gary Numan, the Buggles, Human League, even Kim Wilde's early records. And of course New Order, which came from the ashes of Joy Division. A lot of synth pop you can tell was heavily inspired by the dance music of the late 70s and stuff like the maestro Giorgio Moroder, who deserves recognition in his own right https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2qI6UDD2uQ I love the analog synths and drum machines used on this early synth pop stuff. It beats later sterile digital synths and laptop produced tracks using VSTs > That whole era is just an explosion of genres, very similar to what happened last 60s with psychedelic and hard rock and prog rock all bursting on the scene together. I agree with the comparison between 60s psych/prog/experimental music and late 70s/early 80s post-punk, new wave, and art rock, in the sense that they both made creative, experimental, artistic music and the latter were fans of the former. They picked up the torch for sure. After that it was the independent "indie" bands of the 80s inspired by new wave and synth pop before them. Stuff like the Smiths, the Cure, leading to stuff like bands on Sarah's records or Creation Records in the UK (the Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive) which started a lot of what we have today. The late 80s/early 90s stuff on Creation, what would later be referred to as "shoegaze", is definitely psychedelic in a certain way or some inspired by 60s garage or even the Velvet Underground (in the Jesus and Mary Chain's case). In America on a more commercial level around that time you had the alt rock from the northwest, the Seattle scene especially, and what would be labeled as "grunge" later (bad label). Or bands like Dinosaur Jr. which were more out of the whole American Hardcore Punk scene in the northeast. I'm a big fan of that whole movement in punk in the 80s with Hardcore, bands like Black Flag, Minor Threat, etc, and out of that came post-hardcore (first generation, not that later fag stuff) stuff like Fugazi
(140.70 KB 928x928 deep-purple-in-rock.jpeg)
(388.14 KB 1600x1600 784b2afc3f9845c8[...].png)
(633.33 KB 1500x1500 The-70-s-Collect[...].jpg)
(40.90 KB 250x250 newmansz.jpg)
(28.68 KB 1100x1100 fleetwood-mac-ru[...].jpg)
>My generation grew up when the 'rock station' would play the Stones, The Doors, Nirvana, Tom Petty, Black Crows in a row. I remember good local classic rock and before that OLDIES stations that played great stuff in my youth during the late 90s and throughout the 00s. They're all gone now though. I haven't listened to the radio in literally decades now though. I prefer playing albums. whenever I do listen to the radio, it's talk radio, I keep my dial on my local NPR station in the car, lol >That is all gone thanks to corporate take overs. You have the 'classic' rock station or the "hard rock" but hardly ever find them mixing unironically what is the difference? this shit is ages old though, corporatism in music. before even your day you had payola for example probably missed some posts but i'll end my foy reply here
>>884 >unironically what is the difference? The Stones, Boston, all that 60s stuff vs HARD rock, metal etc. I think most classic rock people don't listen to hard rock. We too old for that :)
>>895 Magical Mystery Tour into Fool on the Hill Another amazing 1+2 combo. YouTube has broke adblock so I find myself not listening to much music lately. I can't deal with ads when listening to music, ruins the mood.
(1021.57 KB tune.mp3)
(27.35 KB 480x360 sun.jpg)
>>884 foy is really a huge bleep bloop fan, he just cant admit it >>896 use ublock origin
>>895 It's all semantics - I always thought the whole obsession with genres, subgenres, microgenres, and the like was a bit ridiculous and/or pointless to bicker over, but I suppose it's useful sometimes to describe a band's music (even if it's hard to shoehorn a band's music or albums into neat, little singular genres. But in essence, the way I see it is: "Hard rock" is more what some of the later bands in the latter part of the 60s were moving into, with fuzz guitars and a more aggressive sound. It's the precursor to "Heavy Metal" in a sense. "Heavy Metal" is what bands were getting into in the 70s proper (although there were inklings of its origins in the late 60s with bands like Blue Cheer (whose 1968 album Vincebus Eruptum is quite good) and, of course, most famously Black Sabbath (who formed in the late 60s and recorded their debut in '69 despite it not being released until 1970) The big distinction between hard rock and metal, in my eyes at least, has always been that hard rock is generally more blues-based, like all rock before it, with song structures often based around the 12-bar structure and using pentatonic and blues scales for their guitar solos. Metal, on the other hand, eventually moved into more of a classically-influenced style, with a lot of the guitar work using the full minor scale, and often even harmonic minor, giving it a darker, more complex sound. You have some bands like Deep Purple who bridged the two a little bit, with their guitar player Ritchie Blackmore being influenced by blues playing as well as classical (and medieval music, which utilized modes). I would consider The Stones pretty heavy for their time and were the heaviest of that whole group, definitely heavier than their contemporaries like the Beatles, the Kinks, the Who (although the latter especially could be heavy). The 60s early on had "Garage Rock" which was pretty heavy, imo, and there are a lot of 60s band I would even describe as proto-punk, such as The Doors. Psychedelic artists like Iron Butterfly and Jimi Hendrix could certainly be heavy, also. I think a lot of people (well, normies) associate psychedelic rock with the heavy psych sound - I know I certainly did before I really got into the more experimental stuff Boston are different. I think of them more of a 70s band. They certainly aren't heavy like the Stones. I like them, their first three albums are solid and very good, but they're pretty soft (though they had some rockin' numbers like Smokin'). Some of their stuff like Amanda, while good, is more reminiscent of songs by Toto, imo. I remember years ago I had a boomer coworker I would discuss music with that liked a lot of boomer stuff like Foreigner (I too liked them in my teens), but I once asked him if he liked Toto and he essentially said that their stuff was too "pussy" or "girly" for him. How Toto were and Foreigner wasn't is a little confusing for me. Maybe I'm wrong but I think the whole "Classic Rock" moniker is a pretty recent invention. I remember even in my own life I've seen bands like Nirvana (the Kurt Cobain fronted band from the 90s, not the 60s band) and a lot of those 90s alternative bands of that time become classified as "classic rock". It's not a very meaningful term, imo. I think there is a big distinction between a lot of the more creative 60s and early 70s stuff, compared to the later 70s arena rock shite, which /mu/ has lovingly termed "dad rock". Some of it's good, I suppose, but a lot of it is eh. A lot of the "mom rock" like Fleetwood Mac are great though bbb
>>896 Magical Mystery Tour is pretty cool. The song itself but the entire album. The Beatles and a lot of their contemporaries in the 60s were pretty good with sequencing their albums. In my youth I always preferred Magical Mystery Tour to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The former definitely seemed much more psychedelic than the latter. >YouTube has broke adblock so I find myself not listening to much music lately. I can't deal with ads when listening to music, ruins the mood. Have they? I never seem to get them with the Adblock Plus on Firefox. Just listen to LPs or CDs like a real boomer Also, on the subject of The Who: I think I was kiknda talking shit about them a while back when you brought them up. They've never been my favorite, besides My Generation and the early singles, but my friend suggested that I listen to their album, The Who Sell Out again, and It's a whole lot better than I remember. The whole "concept album" thing, I can take or leave it, but a number of the songs proper are fantastic. Odorono (that heavy riff), Our Love Was, I Can't Reach You, Relax, Sunrise, Rael 2, Glittering Girl, Melancholia, to name a few (some of those might be "bonus tracks" not on the original release though). Their 2nd album (Who Sell Out is their 3rd) is pretty good too. I always preferred it before, but now I think I like their 3rd better. I also listened to the post-Morrison albums by the Doors. I'd seen their live performances with that lineup and I believe heard both their albums sans Morrison years ago, but I revisited them the other week. I always admired the effort and thought it was interesting before, and thought the same when I listened to Other Voices again, but then I put Full Circle on after... Man, that album is really quite something. The production, the sonngs, the songwriting, the experimental aspects, the political messages, every song was killer, I loved the whole thing a lot. It may be sacrilege but I think I may even like it better than some of the material on the later albums with Morrison. I watched Oliver Stone, who made the Doors biopic from the 90s with Val Kilmer and Kyle MacLachlan (who is unrecognizable as Manzarek), when he went on Joe Rogan's podcast recently but I don't think he talked about his Doors movie. He did talk about JFK, which was cool. My friend is a big Doors fan but hates their movie for some reason. I was asking him if he could recommend any good books about them as I've been getting into reading books on bands again recently during lockdown, and he suggested Ray's book "Light My Fire". I'd purchased the autobiography "Good Vibrations" by Mike Love (of the Beach Boys) a couple of years ago when it came out, but have just now gotten around to reading it and it's surprisingly good. I think it's a whole lot better than Brian Wilson's most recent autobio, "I Am Brian Wilson", which came out around the same time. A lot of people, fans of the Beach Boys, hate Mike Love with a burning passion and consider him the Antichrist, responsible for the demise of the infamous unreleased SMiLE album, but I think those claims are overblown and I view him in a much more understanding light. All of the Boys made great contributions to the band, particularly during the 1967-1973 era and then again in the later 70s, but people are obsessed with viewing Brian as the sole genius (he is a genius but the rest of the band contributed a whole lot, imo).
(139.77 KB 600x600 bibio.jpeg.jpg)
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBEnm32c3eA The path to God through Jesus is narrow and hard to walk.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ohzm0-PEkgY >>944 ayye bibio's what's up haven't listened to his new record save for a single or two but i've listened to a lot of his past albums loads
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdYGnAFaeHU This movie have a beautiful scene when they become baptized. I like it for that.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi_3GtQN2IA Great song. A popular song and praise to the glory of God.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKPD8jChw94 It is almost Halloween, spooky movie soon?
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s1kh_IK5eI Good for sleep Peace to you all for the new year
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDOrNeBpsKs I believe this is about lucifer. Lightning before the thunder. Dreaming of bigger things. Not a follower. He want so to be as high as God. Dreaming about being a big star. Pride. As high as God, like a god, but there is only one God.
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no cookies?