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(413.70 KB 960x1440 p18298770_v&[...].jpg)
Movie and TV Show Discussion Thread CUGE!LaneyabuJ6 06/09/2020 (Tue) 03:49:56 No. 841
Movie Nights Fridays and Mondays* A list of things we've already watched in order from news to oldest: https://letterboxd.com/waifuist/films/by/date/ First Movie Reviewed: Becky Average Waifuist Score: 3.5
(278.40 KB 960x1440 p12028834_v&[...].jpg)
Bad Boys for Life Average Waifuist Score: 3.5/5
(853.60 KB 1334x2000 MV5BZjU0Yzk2MzEt[...].jpg)
Jojo Rabbit Average Waifuist Score: 4.5/5
Curly Sue was fun. My score 4.5 qg we still have not watch yet pretty baby. I have only asked you for years now haha
(307.21 KB 960x1440 p15613588_v&[...].jpg)
Skate Kitchen Average Waifuist Score: 4/5
>>849 we will one day!
(77.03 KB 660x977 feel-the-beat-ne[...].jpg)
(58.32 KB 400x594 large_sggr48[...].jpg)
(399.96 KB 1012x1500 little_monst[...].jpg)
(2.14 MB 1716x2679 MV5BMTY5NjU0MTQw[...].jpg)
(278.14 KB 960x1440 p14426291_v&[...].jpg)
Lady Bird: 4.5/5 Little Monsters: 3/5 Feel The Beat: 3/5 Nick and Norah: Infinite Playlist: 3/5 Laggies 3/5
(18.28 MB 1920x800 TheFlockAvrul.mp4)
(50.41 KB 800x453 Secrets-of-Sulph[...].jpg)
(150.13 KB 592x841 doctor-sleep-dir[...].jpg)
(170.68 KB 1080x1080 FMU4gLEXEAUj8bf.jpg)
(17.55 KB 593x589 lorena-queiroz-a[...].webp)
8/10 4/10 6/10 5/10
>>1778 The cat references the ending of Blade Runner. Tears in the rain...
>>1858 Really I geuss I should see that movie than. Are there english subs?


no cookies?