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Instagram model Summer De Snoo joebloe 02/27/2021 (Sat) 13:22:09 No. 23829
>>125851 Where did she say this? Afaik she has never done lives on socials
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>>126071 I hope she dumps him and he "leaks" their private videos as revenge before she's too far gone
>>126071 Her Instagram stories. Something similar happened with Alisa Sabirova's dad. I don't miss any of these girls stories and always hit translate especially when there's drama
>>126887 based
>>126887 >Something similar happened with Alisa Sabirova's dad proof? they still together lol
>>126904 >>127033 I don't have screenshots or anything (I took them but I have a million screenshots so I'm not gonna look for them and this happened years ago) so it's up to you if you believe me or not. Alisa was seen with her dad this last Christmas but this was the first time since a few years ago, when her mom posted things that made it pretty obvious he cheated on her (or something like that, the thing is that they broke up and he stopped living with them). This was the first time her dad reappeared on any of their insta accounts since that fight they had years ago, but he was seen a lot more frequently before.
Same thing with Summer, she and her dad were very close until someone on Instagram Q&A asked her what happened because there was some drama and she told that her father had another family. She was pretty upset.
Alisa is a lot hotter and cuter than Summer btw. Russian girls ftw
(916.73 KB 976x549 summer-shaman.png)
(77.83 KB 1000x1000 pepe-cheerio.gif)
>>127432 it's up to me ey? it don't matter, soon the summer will come...
Firstly, I'm not here to be anyone's therapist. And /waifuist/ has its limits. SOME should learn the foundation of /waifuist/ before they expect any overtly racist comments left up. If that's an issue, surely there's another place you can rant freely.
>>126071 She did in fact, at least on that fake private acc she had as spam acc.. in fact im sure i recorded some (nothing mindblowing)
>>127535 I'm sure you don't have a conflict of interest or anything.
(1.03 MB 732x720 my-wicked-tongue.mp4)
>>127535 lmao stfu you stupid nigger
(309.65 KB 1129x2209 b359e29361294d13[...].jpeg)
(189.38 KB 1920x1080 Self-Harm.jpg)
>>127723 >brown boyfriend ok it really is over
>>127723 yeah, nobody saw it coming lmao
>>127543 Me personally? Not really because I don't waifu her. As far as the chan, again there's better places to cry racist stuff. It ain't going to be here tho. >>127682 Oh are we being being original with our insults?! Let me try! Cope harder.
>>127745 She did !
>>127745 her lips in perm suck state
Who’s the boyfriend exactly? He looks at least a few years older than her. Is no one going to talk about the fact that their relationship may not even be legal? Where does she live, Denmark?
>>127764 The Netherlands.... Fun fact, even consensual snu snu with anyone under 14 there is considered statutory grape..🧐😬
(373.26 KB 1068x1486 214f10c5146445b8[...].jpeg)
(579.16 KB 1070x2095 60f2cde078ce43d5[...].jpeg)
(442.86 KB 1128x2208 7c91941e991e4116[...].jpeg)
(384.67 KB 1128x2208 bc5712bbf2f24818[...].jpeg)
(652.65 KB 1179x2096 420708241_10[...].jpg)
>>127764 Looks like he's a soccer player of some kind, don't know at what level. Definitely looks at least a year or two older than her.
She looks about 14 going on 28 now. They always get shitty makeup and a weird look and turn into hags. That being said, this black kid really hit the jackpot, because none of us are even allowed to TALK to 14 year blond supermodels, let alone date and spend time with one. Life sucks. It’s not even really a matter of being a loser or lack of success, manliness, etc, it’s just a lack of opportunity. Also, the kid is ugly, and I’m sure not every lurker on here looks like Danny Devito. Meaning that it’s just a general lack of opportunity and rights on our part, which has always been the problem, but people dress it up into something else, like we’re “inadequate” or “losers” or something. Which is a misdirection and mischaracterization of why some of us don’t have our own 14 year old princess that we’re dating.
Btw, where are you guys getting all of this content with the boyfriend? Her instagram and modeling career both appear to be dead, so where is all of the boyfriend stuff coming from?
>>127862 the sad thing that her tiktok has become :/ https://www.tiktok.com/@summerjomariadesnoo
>>127861 It's a fucked up situation, regardless of how you look into it. It would be nice to have a opportunity or at least make one, but I don't see a way.
>>127861 >>127975 Honestly she will probably look the same at 18, so there is your opportunity. It's not like there's a big difference between a 14 and 18yo.
>>127535 >SOME should learn the foundation of /waifuist/ before they expect any overtly racist comments left up. You are such a fucking cancer admin.
>>128985 You are the cancer.
(438.67 KB 720x720 Iman sigh.mp4)
>>128985 Gosh. I'm gonna dwell on this for the rest of the week. But first, am I the cancer or I have cancer? These insults always confused me.
>>127535 yeah man we're pedophiles not racists, sheesh
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Happy 15th
>>23850 wow that slut makeup in the third one
>>65736 I'd make sure to keep her in my tent for the weekend if I saw her at a music festival dressed like that
>>23856 *Native Dutch
(4.34 MB 640x362 3945FE4761B2F9E0[...].mp4)
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some old, some new
(6.40 MB 1080x1920 7354086588437040416.mp4)
honestly the worst she's ever looked. hard to believe it's still the same girl
LOL, she looks about 40 now. These girls are really dumb, aren't they. She looks like absolute trash now.
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no cookies?