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(1.44 MB 864x1330 gg_profilepic.png)
Gianna Marie Starletee :3 12/28/2021 (Tue) 23:59:42 No. 47307
(4.47 MB 720x1280 gg080121_bac[...].mp4)
(2.57 MB 720x1280 gg080121_bac[...].mp4)
(7.36 MB 1080x1920 gg080121_bac[...].mp4)
>>74894 can we not have bf stuff posted? It’s not even a jealousy thing or something autistic like that but I come here to see cute girls and cute girls only. Let’s keep her cute friends in the pictures still though just no bf or guy friends
>>74955 Course this is a Chan and you’ll probably ignore me and double down but just a small request to get rid of a minor annoyance
>>74955 Seek help
>>74989 Last I checked this board's name is 'Starlet'. That means boys are not fawned over here.
(386.36 KB 576x720 Snaptik.app_[...].mp4)
(1.21 MB 576x1024 Snaptik.app_[...].mp4)
(3.15 MB 720x1280 gg080121_bac[...].mp4)
(1.46 MB 576x1024 IMG_0948.MP4)
(11.06 MB 1080x1920 gg080121_bac[...].mp4)
(8.16 MB 1080x1920 gg080121_bac[...].mp4)
>>75579 You just know
>>75713 ok but first post a pic with a shoe on your head so we know its really you
>>75944 just put a paper like Gianna Marie, today's day for starlet board.
gianna doesnt type like that.. ik her irl😭😭
Can we get this dumpster fire locked already before this shit gets further out of hand?
>>76053 i dont see why this is simping
>>76061 >>76061 "i only wanna see cute girls on here and cute girls only"
>>76053 Am I into dudes? No, I could care less about seeing some random dude. >>76053 I have a fiancé.
>>76086 that is still not a proof. put a paper with date. I mean it could be some guy that wants to see videos from that old account so...
>>76107 this should be proof that it's not her and stop falling for impersonators
(46.89 KB 620x387 dont care.jpg)
>>76117 shoe on head
(4.22 MB 720x1280 rileybrush-71784[...].mp4)
(16.15 MB 1080x1920 rileybrush-71783[...].mp4)
(27.29 MB 1080x1920 gg080121_bac[...].mp4)
(2.02 MB 576x1122 Snaptik.app_[...].mp4)
(4.75 MB 656x1278 gg080121_bac[...].mp4)
>>55550 >bitch in prime ready for birth giving >completely and fully mature >dances her ass off in front of dudes to mature songs >girls literally only couple of hundred years ago everywhere on Earth were all married at that age and it wasn't scandalous >the above still a regular thing today in latin america >look at me, I am jealous hatred and anger filled loser because I can't get that pussy >so self-deluded I project all of the above into the self-image of having moral highground and being better than everyone and surrounded by evil
>>76037 >>76053 Please, moderators, I beg you. Can we ban garbage like this from now on? The stupid idea that it's a "slippery slope" is stupid because this garbage literally doesn't have anything to do with the topic of this site's and this specific thread's conversation.
>>69716 Tell me about it. Is it some kind of sign language? Anyway, she's cute and kinda reminds me of Danica Patrick
(278.03 KB 1440x1572 riley.brush_[...].jpg)
(295.87 KB 1440x1572 riley.brush_[...].jpg)
(3.35 MB 656x1278 gg080121_bac[...].mp4)
>>47835 what do you do to make her brighter like that? looks really nice...
(22.13 MB 576x1024 2021-12-06 10.00[...].mp4)
>>80067 Nothing. I just downloaded it in the highest resolution.
>>80086 oh cus the one right below it is also 720x1080p but it doesn't look as good. I wonder why that is
(19.34 MB 576x1024 2021-12-06 10.02[...].mp4)
>>80380 can u post all the ones that u have? i have a fp on tt
(6.40 MB 1080x1632 g080121_back[...].mp4)
(3.26 MB 576x1024 0a5bbe01a275d476[...].mp4)
(1.61 MB 576x1024 0fff21dc0f75ad77[...].mp4)
(2.37 MB 576x1024 1e53135356e118aa[...].mp4)
(2.43 MB 576x1024 2a9d9731010d441f[...].mp4)
(2.86 MB 576x1024 2e33a4e9ed7f3a65[...].mp4)
>>80569 yeah newer ones have already been shared but I'll post the older ones. What's the tt if I may ask?
(1.68 MB 576x1024 2f4a9fe7657db3bb[...].mp4)
(2.45 MB 576x1024 03ac933cca31ec5b[...].mp4)
(800.44 KB 576x1024 3ce75c442ec4c601[...].mp4)
(991.08 KB 576x1024 3d43ddf4673dc275[...].mp4)
(2.55 MB 576x1024 3ec80259cadfa169[...].mp4)
(1.69 MB 576x1024 3f2aa4ecf12c690a[...].mp4)
(3.68 MB 576x1024 4a6bf9967294ecc3[...].mp4)
(1.25 MB 576x1024 4b0b6c495a1384fd[...].mp4)
(3.10 MB 576x1024 4b45bafaa7db0845[...].mp4)
(1.40 MB 576x1024 4fbac922046a9912[...].mp4)
(1.99 MB 576x1024 5a2a85a2d0f6b944[...].mp4)
(2.87 MB 576x1024 5e33f38287a9d6df[...].mp4)
(1.47 MB 576x1024 5e6966f46a2d3b3c[...].mp4)
(1.06 MB 576x1024 5fbb8ebfb9863efc[...].mp4)
(1.20 MB 576x1024 06ca5713c6b4bc46[...].mp4)
(1.51 MB 576x1024 6c2db8f834e43cc7[...].mp4)
(1.54 MB 576x1024 6c37521c13c1d91b[...].mp4)
(2.60 MB 576x1024 6f4296e1a278415e[...].mp4)
(4.54 MB 576x1024 7c16bb80d02de601[...].mp4)
(1.80 MB 576x1024 7f0864ffef98acef[...].mp4)
(1.74 MB 576x1024 8e837e057e2b5026[...].mp4)
(1.90 MB 576x1024 9a509d5bd70d2ebf[...].mp4)
(2.26 MB 576x1024 9c440162ddeef1c2[...].mp4)
(3.29 MB 576x1024 9ce143d2285d8aba[...].mp4)
(3.04 MB 576x1024 9eff60d10f90ebb4[...].mp4)
(2.71 MB 576x1024 29fdb52b7c3706da[...].mp4)
(2.22 MB 576x1024 34e6b18f0771e8b0[...].mp4)
(3.69 MB 576x1024 36fb71ac0560311c[...].mp4)
(1.08 MB 576x1024 41cb819a54a6cae4[...].mp4)
(2.13 MB 576x1024 52c31994d9fc462e[...].mp4)
(2.86 MB 576x1024 f0abeb7efa4fcc37[...].mp4)
(3.04 MB 576x1024 f0db3cbc08b193c8[...].mp4)
(2.60 MB 576x1024 f1ec34d6b5ef0c3b[...].mp4)
(2.53 MB 576x1024 f0020ee25a39add8[...].mp4)
(2.41 MB 576x1024 ff094a21f3232d48[...].mp4)
(9.06 MB 576x1024 e0319d4b37ec9828[...].mp4)
(3.05 MB 576x1024 ebffb1cbad465a01[...].mp4)
(1.99 MB 576x1024 ecc8245bfd2ba5a1[...].mp4)
(4.33 MB 576x1024 ed9a7064055a8ea4[...].mp4)
(1.66 MB 576x1024 ee5c5083816af145[...].mp4)
(2.46 MB 576x1024 daec588d6c945c32[...].mp4)
(2.16 MB 576x1024 def839f3579705a6[...].mp4)
(1.38 MB 576x1024 e0a4b65e5d0d6f74[...].mp4)
(1.73 MB 576x1024 e8d9d06a1e1a2677[...].mp4)
(6.74 MB 576x1024 e039deafcc460ff5[...].mp4)
(1.21 MB 576x1024 c86e19b8b2a875ef[...].mp4)
(1.92 MB 576x1024 c341b316b7713d18[...].mp4)
(3.82 MB 576x1024 ced0a0163c95b276[...].mp4)
(1.57 MB 576x1024 d251495bab3d29ba[...].mp4)
(2.46 MB 576x1024 daec588d6c945c32[...].mp4)
(1.56 MB 576x1112 bc8f03b2fd1b2150[...].mp4)
(2.04 MB 576x1024 c1c399f0e11d82de[...].mp4)
(2.65 MB 576x790 c5c6a2ff5e9a752b[...].mp4)
(1.21 MB 576x1024 c5cae6d5cceb519b[...].mp4)
(2.41 MB 576x1024 c7d8e8ff5552b755[...].mp4)
stupid sexy 12 year olds what a woman


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