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(393.86 KB 1440x1365 295216812_14[...].jpg)
Amit Goffman Levi Starletee :3 11/19/2022 (Sat) 22:34:17 No. 73402
(704.90 KB 504x896 6dba6c15ab46c9fa[...].png)
>not putting iconic tongy in the OP
>>73402 😁
>>73467 I think booba is overtaking tongy as Amit’s iconic feature
this forum is a complete failure without an amit thread thanks
>>73488 bro we’ve already filled up an Amit/Topaz thread and an Amit alone thread
>>73518 good good
(1.31 MB 576x1024 Snaptik_7169[...].mp4)
deleted tiktock
>>73914 unfortunately
(236.00 KB 1170x2080 IMG_8851.JPG)
(1.46 MB 576x1024 Snaptik_7170[...].mp4)
>>74088 Pierced navel? Oh no.
>>74088 >>74096 "[concern intensifies]"
>>74096 only matter of time
>>74096 >>74097 >>74138 She usually hangs out with older girls. Especially her sister. She dresses like her. I wonder what else they teach her. She obviously wants to be like them and fit in.
>>74204 Ya I agree...she's fitting very well
>>74096 >>74097 >>74138 She's growing up, some things are inevitables
(4.32 MB 720x1280 amitgofmanlevy67[...].mp4)
>>74278 I'll probably sound rude but her boobs look a little bit saggy... Doesn't take away from her overall beauty though.
(1009.20 KB 576x1024 Snaptik.app_[...].mp4)
>>74288 Call em saggy, baggy or whatever you like. I call them amazing on a girl her age with a face like that.
(7.65 MB 540x960 amit.mp4)
>>74288 >>74291 she floats my by boat...lest I remind you. Lol
(288.52 KB 1099x1500 mit2.jpg)
(326.54 KB 540x540 mit.png)
>>74291 She's pretty but I rarely see her without make up and filters now. It's underwhelming when she doesn't have make up or filters. When she was 10-11 her face was gorgeous. She's hot. Don't get me wrong and her tits are impressive for her age but I don't know. I feel that by age 14-15, the wall will be very noticeable, the young age just won't be enough to keep her on top. Some candid pics where she isnt contorting her body for the best angles look, meh.
>>74288 Imagine complaining about Amit's tits. Amazing.
>>74301 I've seen 13 year olds with big perky tits. Her tits could just be better. Complain or not, I'm right.
>>74301 Peak pedocoomer retardness.
>>74288 wouldnt mind being suffocated by that
>>74288 saggy? maybe compared to when she was 8, but they are far from saggy.
>>74306 In some pics, they look like they hang. >>74303 Better than a peak coomer simp who can't say anything negative about their 13 year old waifu...
>>74307 She has 12
12 year old sexy woman
>>74297 these bad pics are just bad pics unironically I saw her when she was in Orlando and she was smoking hot but honestly the makeup and the shitty pictures dont do her justice at all
I'm not denying she's hot. I just feel that as she gets older, she'll hit the wall quickly. 10-11 year old amit was prime amit.
>>74307 Ya I agree...with age they have lost some firmness..
>>74307 and then people wonder why girls stop posting themselves
>>74360 I'm not commenting this on her social media. Just here. I don't comment on any girl's social media.
>>74360 people that unironically talk about this "wall" like its some subjective thing are beyond ridiculous
retards like you are the reason zhenya stopped posting
>>74388 >>74393 Retards like you are also the reason they stop posting. You think if they saw a bunch of 40 year old fat retards drooling over her on a forum she's gonna feel comfortable with it? No. That's why gargosha doesn't post revealing outfits much anymore either.
>>74402 Just because most things go under the category of "unwanted", doesn't mean it magically equalizes anything that anyone says. Don't get it twisted. And it definitely doesn't here because a large part of how this site is run is based on keeping the site running and fostering a more positive atmosphere. And no, that doesn't mean everyone's a hivemind. But seriously..ideas like "the wall" are just ridiculous and tbh it's for YOUR benefit to not buy into that. the "wall" is literally just your personal taste that u wanna push on other people. but hey u do u at the end of the day, we usually don't have any fuckin clue about why a girl stops posting or really why she does anything so arguing about it is a waste of time.
(1.33 MB 1024x576 snap.mp4)
we need more livesss
(294.80 KB 1170x2080 318352241_85[...].jpg)
>>75342 Either they are really tall or she isn't 5'3'' as she's stated. She's barely taller than barely 5 foot tall topaz too. As topaz said she's 1.52 m.
(955.79 KB 540x960 1598282652542.mp4)
>>75572 >dat tummy >dat tongue
(270.15 KB 1124x1999 42C9EDFF-2847-42[...].jpeg)
(441.45 KB 720x1280 824F16DEC79ADF06[...].mp4)
(126.10 KB 808x1440 nSbJazF0_2x.jpg)
(3.77 MB 400x224 F081C1E2-5ED3-48[...].gif)
>>77393 please tell me there’s video of this
>>77393 What trickery is this I know grown women with smaller breasts than this 12 year old
>>77406 They probably look bigger because she's bending forward thus, her breasts are hanging down a bit. Still huge melons for a 12 year old. Motorboat worthy
>>77408 >>77406 Amit was a nice surprise...seeing her sister was to be expected!
>>77393 its a crime against humanity not to post the video is there is one... we need move Amit lives asap
>>77465 Ya! From her TikTok?
(293.37 KB 504x896 amit.jpg)
>>77465 Its already posted in the previous thread
>>77482 link?
>>77487 you want the dude to see it for you too?
>>77488 there's no link there
wheres the vid???
(208.63 KB 1170x2080 amitfu height.jpg)
>>77574 I'm stupid and forgot to actually put my post in. Your posts triggered my height autism (I like seeing how people size up to myself) and I estimate her top be more around 5'.5 or 5'1 going from this photo. Although she is crouching slightly so maybe those girls really are that tall.
>>77578 Well that crouch doesn't really matter as straightening herself wouldn't add more than half an inch or none. Her neck just looks crouched because her shoulder is raised up. Plus she'd gain some height from her shoes. 5 ft to 5'1 seems fair. Her friends probably being 5'4 - 5'5'' at the most.
>>77482 Holy mother of Moses
>>77482 I feel sad that likely nobody will enjoy those in their prime. What a waste. Doubt she'll get someone to do anything to them by age 16. Unless her girlfriends already did.
>>77708 Pimenova would know what to do with them...
>>77777 Quints will it
(146.06 KB 1080x1335 01AFD78A-05B9-42[...].jpeg)
(81.85 KB 1066x1066 635D24A1-5D71-46[...].jpeg)
(138.21 KB 1080x1335 988E253B-54FA-41[...].jpeg)
(269.24 KB 1080x1291 42E1D21A-393A-45[...].jpeg)
(69.63 KB 1080x876 E09D3A50-0AD0-41[...].jpeg)
Never seen these here so I’m gonna drop them. I might be wrong on some but it doesn’t hurt to share. Included some tongy at the end too.
(102.94 KB 1080x1080 3894BBA4-B445-48[...].jpeg)
(93.02 KB 1080x1080 DB0FC4C2-B4C2-46[...].jpeg)
(161.67 KB 1080x1251 4F0D1E84-28F9-49[...].jpeg)
(162.51 KB 1080x1251 AAB88E9F-FA23-4F[...].jpeg)
(169.16 KB 1080x1251 E6D65801-8F15-47[...].jpeg)
(156.19 KB 1080x1079 81B29673-8EB0-42[...].jpeg)
(61.37 KB 512x582 7607A978-A01F-49[...].jpeg)
(63.68 KB 540x960 B40C2428-58A8-45[...].jpeg)
(41.63 KB 540x960 73065B19-14E1-47[...].jpeg)
>>77482 we still don't have the link to the booba video
(278.88 KB 720x1280 5C4A054F82AA4309[...].mp4)
>>77907 you probably never will
>>77965 then wtf are you larping how it's posted in previous thread
>>77970 yeah this is bullshit repost the video or give the link please
>>77970 its not posted.Period.End of discussion
>>78041 isn't this a crime against humanity?????
>>78042 It is !
killer bod but her face is starting to get weird not sure what it is exactly maybe its the excess make-up or the face filters
>>78065 Excess make up and excess filters. Honestly, without all that, her face is still a 6/10. In my opinion. She kinda has no ass either.
>>78069 Then why the fuck are you in her thread, shut the fuck up. None of the people in this forum need to know your shitty ass opinions. Fuck off.
>>78087 Because I like her big ass tits. Why are you defending her so hard? She doesn't even no your pathetic simp ass exists, you whiteknight retard.
>>78087 what a fuckin turd
>>78087 ditto. amit is an angel
wait... you guys are doing WHAT
>>78143 Are you flabbergasted?
>>77814 Wish she showed more feet
(4.54 MB 480x600 Amitfu .mp4)
Amitfu in the Pose kind of, have never seen this video posted here
(1.65 MB 576x1024 Snaptik.app_[...].mp4)
I did see this posted
(2.90 MB 576x1128 Snaptik.app_[...].mp4)
(126.13 KB 785x1452 IMG_2080.jpeg)
>>77394 For some reason I only took screenshots of this live. It's from 08.30.22 if that's any help to someone who might have it. It was great. She kept leaning over to show her cleavage, her friends tried to cover it up with their hands but she'd just push them away.
>>80402 Too bad nobody will enjoy those at their prime. She looks like the type of girl to flaunt and tease but not give up the goods easily. I predict she'll lose her virginity at age 19.
>>80404 how do you people have the ability to comment the cringiest things possible a human mind can possibly conjure up
>>80402 plssssss someone upload omg
>>80434 Your whole family would think you're cringey and disgusting by just browsing these forums so shut the fuck up thinking you're superior. Retard.
>>80453 >>80453 nah dog my folks would get my tasteful appreciation
>it's been months since any tongue kino
(154.74 KB 1170x2080 DE56DB39-7E1D-4D[...].jpeg)
>>80488 Amit knows her power, she will not use it so carelessly. That or she's trying to be "adult" and posing all model like with almost blank expressions because its "cool".
>>80841 Wonder what those white stains on her top are.
>>81268 ice cream
>>80488 >>81263 Do not forget that she is a friend of romi rozental and we already know what happened to her thread
>>81270 What happened to Romi's thread?
>>81271 Check it and see
>>81297 For real?
>>81297 I'm Amit. Please delete now! Anyone can make claims....
>>80488 What does kino mean? I've been seeing it here and on 4chan. You guys make fun of zoomer slang all the time but you faggots are the same.
>>81312 meme from 4chan, it just means "movie" in other languages, as a meme it means really good movie or just something extremely good No tongue kino = no good tongue content >>81270 Don't give ammunition to the trolls
>>81312 jesus christ how old are you?
>>81316 Asks the kid absorbing slang from online forums like a child absorbing new words they learn from their favorite television shows. Ironic...
>>81323 damn you gotta be old as hell
>>81323 cranky old man
(52.78 KB 300x220 7993138.gif)
>>81326 >>81348 fr fr no cap ong 😩😩😩😭😭
whenever i feel autistic i browse waifuist threads and realize i could be a lot worse, a lot lot worse
>>81362 >whenever I feel autistic, I browse waifuist and realize I'm as much as a mentally ill pedophile as everyone else here and I'm no better Fixed that for you
>>81362 bruh rlly feeling superior while visiting websites dedicated for mostly posting pictures of underaged girls 💀 lmao
>>81362 so long as you're able to convince yourself that that's the case
(1.15 MB 720x1280 00f784f481903f34[...].mp4)
>>81362 >whenever i feel autistic i browse waifuist threads Get well soon autistic person.
I meant it as in like you guys argue about the stupidest shit ever.
what sites are ok to visit and which are not? I dont want to get in trouble.
>>81519 Websites that don't have illegal content. Websites with clothed girls. Also, never click on any random links. The fbi isn't out to get you. Even in fbi honeypots, the fbi rarely goes for the users. The only ones usually arrested are big time distributers and the website's hosts.
>>81519 I would say avoid places where users are selling and buying things, and avoid trying to get into exclusive circles
Mods please for the sake of all of us lock the threads where these retards keep spamming dumb shit
>>81532 You know you're sounding like a snitchy little bitch right? >oooh nooo... mods help meee....
>>81534 no one cares bro shut the fuck up
>>79953 Such a cute tummy
>>81571 Says the little bitch crying out to the mods. How ironic.


no cookies?