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>>/starlet/68259 [url=https://synthroid.site/]synthroid 0.5 mcg[/url]
>>/starlet/68258 >>67251 sir you are a scholar
>>/w/395138 >>395137 I dont but the Clements are looking nice so that's a plus
>>/w/395137 >>395136 Here are the Clements girls as penance for my ignorance.
>>/w/395136 >>394975 Ok, I've been ocd about this dancer for days. I looked around and can't find her. Does someone know who she is
>>/w/395132 Siri show me cute girlbabies.
>>/w/395131 Proof that Joe Biden is one of us
>>/w/395130 BTW who wouldn't want to have a girl friend like this??
>>/w/395129 >>395128 Thanks! Love it. >>395127 Lauren is awesome. She may not be smoking hot like Mishka, but she has a great personali
>>/w/395128 >>395124 lol I just saw it again and was able to find it on YT https://youtu.be/2YV9RmwwL88
>>/w/395127 >>395124 This is cute