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>>/w/404356 >>404309 >Btw 4'9" is her recent height >confirmed 2 months ago the smolest are the cutest
>>/Asian/3803 >>3802 she’s just elite in general
>>/starlet/74811 Nice lil cutie
>>/w/404354 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQsyqeYIEaA
>>/w/404353 >>404347 Yeah it means pretty much the same thing.
>>/Asian/3802 Kylin's 🍑 is elite
>>/starlet/74808 👀🤏🤤
>>/starlet/74806 https://www.instagram.com/mariyturner/
>>/w/404352 >>404309 As if Anna's mom have heard my thoughts and updated her actual height and weight just now: 4'9.5", 65 pounds 😍😍😍
>>/w/404351 >>404350 back at ya pinball
>>/w/404350 Have a mellow Sunday
>>/w/404347 >>404213 Ha Johnny! That's A British phrase obvs.Very cute as well but our one is more of a pejorative IE:'all style/no substan
>>/starlet/74805 >>74803 If they broke up I’ll cry
>>/w/404345 >>404313 Who is she?