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(907.50 KB 2048x1332 francesca-11.jpg)
(917.18 KB 2048x1407 francesca-10.jpg)
(1.33 MB 1646x2048 francesca-9.jpg)
(1.22 MB 1750x2048 francesca-8.jpg)
(820.41 KB 2048x1361 francesca-7.jpg)
(150.27 KB 1125x2000 1668686414987083.jpg)
She could star in a Traci Lords biopic
>>73375 I'm not seeing the resemblance, but I like it. Let's go with that idea.
>>71681 is there a video to this?
(1.22 MB 1750x2048 f1ea8512e3ab2b95[...].jpg)
I've seen all kinds of 'tributes' to this young lady for a couple of years, however I have no idea who in the hell she is (Dont Care), don't think she's cute (Heavy Actually)... so who is this babe getting all the acclaim. Again, I don't give a damn, but she keeps showing up ???
>>74078 >who is this babe? >I don't care >why is she getting all the acclaim? >I don't give a damn You are not very smart are you?
(2.58 MB 498x280 4DF26A05-4A86-49[...].gif)
>>74078 LOL she has 2.6 million IG followers and anon barges in and demands we justify her popularity. This place clearly isn’t for you.
(446.47 KB 1607x2048 529c9d020dc09d61[...].jpg)
>>74079<< >>74080<< Hey dipshits ... just asking some questions. I don't give a rats ass how many IG followers she has. Who the hell is she - not a hard question. As for intelligence, I'm happily early retired in a tropic area .. y'all are probably in school - good luck.
(2.35 MB 320x320 spookycapaldi 3.gif)
(5.95 MB 480x480 spookycapaldi 1.gif)
>>74078 >>74089 you can't seriously come in here insulting a girl that clearly plenty people here like and expect to get a reasonable response, right? maybe try conversing like a normal human being trying to gather information instead of some basement-dwelling chan-brained troll. also if u mean what i think u mean by "tributes" you need to take that talk elsewhere cuz that aint what we do here at all. and no i don't care if she's 18. honestly, read the room a bit before making urself look like a jackass. or don't and leave idrc. sorry for the absurd interruption, franfans...carry on. 🍍
(280.07 KB 892x720 chair.mp4)
(9.42 MB 854x480 slime gone wrong.mp4)
(1.80 MB 640x360 120E3409-8430-43[...].gif)
>>74089 Fran, do you think “early retired in a tropic area” means unemployed in Florida?
(1.00 MB 1365x2048 321269808_fr[...].jpg)
(1.03 MB 1544x2048 321280653_fr[...].jpg)
(1.01 MB 1564x2048 321280669_fr[...].jpg)
Franny needs to hire a new stylist She wears black to every event
(913.55 KB 1592x2048 321280676_fr[...].jpg)
(938.17 KB 1510x2048 321280659_fr[...].jpg)
(32.23 KB 352x550 321743205_fr[...].jpg)
(32.08 KB 371x550 321743202_fr[...].jpg)
>>74511 also a new agent/manager
(688.46 KB 1200x1731 7D6D39DB-8E5C-43[...].jpeg)
>>74511 happy now?
(1.24 MB 1453x2048 322886049_fr[...].jpg)
>>75117 not that anon but yes quite happy
(758.51 KB 720x1280 ED4DB3CD589A978A[...].mp4)
>>75130 This place is in the happiness business
(1.18 MB 2431x3500 bgus_2528071[...].jpg)
(1.54 MB 2312x3500 bgus_2528071[...].jpg)
(1.44 MB 2308x3500 bgus_2528071[...].jpg)
(1.66 MB 2424x3500 bgus_2528071[...].jpg)
(2.11 MB 2625x3500 bgus_2528287[...].jpg)
She's in full Christina Hendrix mode
(2.10 MB 2625x3500 bgus_2528287[...].jpg)
(1.96 MB 2500x3500 bgus_2528287[...].jpg)
(2.68 MB 2625x3500 bgus_2528287[...].jpg)
(1.97 MB 2500x3500 bgus_2528287[...].jpg)
(2.08 MB 2625x3500 bgus_2528287[...].jpg)
(139.60 KB 1440x1800 318602355_65[...].jpg)
(143.60 KB 1440x1800 318588138_88[...].jpg)
(140.39 KB 1440x1800 318544390_65[...].jpg)
(149.88 KB 1440x1800 318682909_21[...].jpg)
(173.98 KB 1440x1794 318834425_34[...].jpg)
(129.53 KB 1440x1800 318981687_14[...].jpg)
(474.18 KB 510x838 Francapaldi.webm)
>>75793 Proof? Where did it come from?
>>75793 need some internet sleuths to find pics of her wearing those bracelets, nothing else distinguishing that I can see
>>75800 IF it is her it poses some interesting questions. Did she leak it herself? If so, great, she's pleasing her fans. If not I think she'll be very upset and could spoil any future leaks.
>>75793 its not hard to find girls with big tits with red hair with a few searches on the internet would be the best christmas gift if this was confirmed franny leak tho
>>75800 Well, I've gone through every pic I have of her from the last 2 years - which is pretty complete - and not only is she not wearing anything like that hanging bracelet, it seems like she never wears more than one bracelet at a time. Doesn't mean anything, I know, but it's the best I can do. Also, though it's low rez, I don't see anything that resembles that distinctive mole on her throat. Again, doesn't mean anything, but this wouldn't be the first time someone's tried to pass off something like this as her. <shrug>
>>75815 thank you for your thoroughness 🔍
(54.51 KB 607x765 3d3f6f9894b8b9ef[...].jpg)
uhh that really might be her. The video is low res but you can make what looks to be a mole on her neck and its kind of in the same place in this picture. Either way...damn
(119.17 KB 1080x1080 245808657_57[...].jpg)
(100.71 KB 1080x810 299091430_18[...].jpg)
(120.11 KB 1080x815 317646682_11[...].jpg)
(135.53 KB 1080x827 289870246_74[...].jpg)
(129.64 KB 1080x810 306270383_17[...].jpg)
No face or easily identifiable marks or background it's pretty much a fake. Also went back a couple of years on her insta and couldn't find any bracelets like the ones in the vid and on insta she almost always have a heart pendant
Whether it’s really her or not isn’t this exactly what it would look like if it was her? It’s close enough that we’re investigating and discussing it. It’s funny that if it was confirmed to be her it would be amazing but if not it’s just boring.
>>75829 I actually think Franny might be a little bit bigger than the girl in this clip. Or appearing bigger because she's smaller.
>>75829 And who is the poster? And where did he get this from? I can't find a source anywhere.
(308.25 KB 1440x1176 axuHzcxz_o.jpg)
(223.53 KB 1440x1176 XfQIu7hT_o.jpg)
(320.35 KB 1440x1176 nv8nksKI_o.jpg)
(255.81 KB 1440x1176 5HhZ0TcC_o.jpg)
(155.76 KB 1440x1176 KOLRhksS_o.jpg)
(304.25 KB 1440x1176 0qpSvdAQ_o.jpg)
(957.46 KB 720x1280 AE4AC8B10D63B110[...].mp4)
(63.57 KB 580x580 m_wp_63b[...].jpg)
(61.94 KB 580x580 m_wp_63b[...].jpg)
(63.47 KB 580x580 m_wp_63b[...].jpg)
(64.15 KB 580x580 m_wp_63b[...].jpg)
(67.65 KB 580x580 m_wp_63b[...].jpg)
(66.45 KB 580x580 m_wp_63b[...].jpg)
(66.68 KB 580x580 m_wp_63b[...].jpg)
(70.14 KB 580x580 m_wp_63b[...].jpg)
(65.86 KB 580x580 m_wp_63b[...].jpg)
(188.31 KB 1000x1000 l_63b9f00983[...].jpg)
(199.61 KB 1000x1000 l_63b9f005eb[...].jpg)
(195.79 KB 1000x1000 l_63b9ee38fb[...].jpg)
(186.29 KB 1000x1000 l_63b9eed902[...].jpg)
(197.12 KB 1000x1000 l_63b9ef54db[...].jpg)
Higher Res and one extra angle on one of the dresses
(211.68 KB 1000x1000 l_63b9f32187[...].jpg)
(200.94 KB 1000x1000 l_63b9f12417[...].jpg)
(196.27 KB 1000x1000 l_63b9f08ba0[...].jpg)
(200.02 KB 1000x1000 l_63b9f2633b[...].jpg)
(198.29 KB 1000x1000 l_63b9edc6ac[...].jpg)
>>79181 wew dat side dress
(684.78 KB 720x1280 vlcsnap-2023-01-[...].png)
I heard that she sells clothes in private now, anyone here got anything?
>>80427 She doesn't. That's just something that someone had on a discord server wondered that was debunked when someone else posted public messages on her Poshmark with her saying she doesn't know how to do private sales.
Who gives a flyin' f### ?
>>80437 those messages of her saying she doesn't know were from almost a year ago though. she can learn to do it, can't she
>>80460 Sure, but there's been literally zero proof that she's done private sales, only a single rumor that I saw on that server that was busted. So it doesn't matter if she can learn to do it. There isn't a single bit of evidence to hint that she has, anywhere.
(207.14 KB 1440x1584 kOzMM5M5_o.jpg)
(226.60 KB 1440x1800 francescacapaldi[...].jpg)
(260.05 KB 1440x1800 francescacapaldi[...].jpg)


no cookies?