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>>92811 she likes the cameraman
(1.06 MB 1080x1920 vlcsnap-2023-06-[...].png)
(1.10 MB 1080x1920 vlcsnap-2023-06-[...].png)
(877.90 KB 1080x1920 vlcsnap-2023-06-[...].png)
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>>106884 There is an old video of Fran from when she was about 14/15 trying to learn to shoot a bow & arrow. Thought I had it saved but I can't find it.
(1.72 MB 498x280 IMG_6603.gif)
(488.69 KB 2448x3264 BKFFwLICMAAuNiF.jpg)
Whatever even happened to that horror movie she filmed? anyone got any info on a release date?
(188.83 KB 1080x1080 296316374_56[...].jpg)
>>106952 imdb still says post production, I have a feeling it may never get released
>>106954 The tall booby goddess to Franny's left deleted her IG a while ago too, which doesn't bode well for it even if it's unrelated.
>>93960 I kinda want to invite a bunch of waifuist.pro honeys to Hearst Castle and serve them alcohol. Totally illegal, but nevertheless...
>>106954 there's a higher chance of this movie being released now, especially with the actors and writers strike going on the streaming services will pick up any crap to add to their list
(404.79 KB 480x270 giphy.gif)
>>106954 Watch me, bb Imma smoke all dezz nigga biches wit mah BOWE 'N' ARRO Flamin' arro gon' burn dey hearts out Biches walk 'n' talk 'n' wit dey hearts on FYYA
>>108559 Except that no one is allowed to promote it. Can't do interviews, can't even acknowledge it on Insta.
(482.91 KB 720x1280 vlcsnap-2023-07-[...].png)
>>108651 This film is so cheaply made it might not be SAG so it's possible that it could be promoted.
>>109330 Could still be SAG just not be from the AMPTP.
Looks like she is back in Fredrick, MD not too far from Hood College where she shot her movie. Wonder if she is getting ready for the movie release? She posted she is moving into a college dorm in a few weeks.
>>110397 Last year (22-23) she was attending San Diego city college where her BF was playing baseball. Don't know why she would need a dorm since she's still living in Carlsbad about 40 miles away.
(409.33 KB 720x1037 20230811_204201.jpg)
(294.77 KB 720x975 20230811_204235.jpg)
(869.39 KB 740x740 F3RqzIiXcAARYF0.png)
(889.15 KB 740x740 F3Rq0jNXsAAo4bH.png)
>>110397 Well she's definitely filming a new movie now in Frederick MD. Supposedly all top secret.
(66.32 KB 1440x1440 francescacapaldi[...].jpg)
(69.41 KB 1440x1440 francescacapaldi[...].jpg)
(70.42 KB 1440x1440 francescacapaldi[...].jpg)
(69.43 KB 1440x1440 francescacapaldi[...].jpg)
(57.09 KB 1080x1079 francescacapaldi[...].jpg)
Holy wow. She is so hot now
>>110982 She might be doing indie stuff but work is work >>111822 fuuug dat leg tease
(156.34 KB 1080x1350 francescacapaldi[...].jpg)
(206.98 KB 1080x1350 francescacapaldi[...].jpg)
(221.62 KB 1080x1350 francescacapaldi[...].jpg)
(175.15 KB 1080x1350 francescacapaldi[...].jpg)
>>114464 There's a video of her showing off this outfit too apparently. Anyone got it?
(1.33 MB 1080x1350 52534061_621[...].mp4)
(456.20 KB 1125x2000 2023-Dec.jpg)
(261.02 KB 997x1016 1.jpg)
Just look at her uber-slim waist - all outfits fit easily, zero fat, perfect hourglass body shape. Usually girls with such big breast have some fat tissue here and there, while Fran's body looks like an early teenager apart from those huge boobs we love so much. There are many Chinese internet living-dolls removing their ribs and expanding their breast to look the way Fran does naturally. Truly an alpha female.
(505.32 KB 2037x3789 terrace lanes (1).jpg)
(450.52 KB 1564x1990 terrace lanes (3).jpg)
(704.83 KB 2211x2709 terrace lanes (4).jpg)
Watched Terrace Lanes. Not as low budget as I thought it would be, kinda decent overall and a lot gorier than I imagined. Kinda felt like an 80s movie but not quite there. Someone said there was a close nipslip but I didn't see anything remotely close. Overall Franny looked good. If anyone has any ideas on how to remove the apple DRM I'll upload the movie, if not you guys will have to wait until someone competent uploads a torrent
>>127199 How about swearing? Does Franny have a lot of F-bombs?
>>127199 There are no nip slips or even close to it. I watched it last night. Just a lot of bouncing around, but nothing blatant. The person who was claiming the nipslip was lying for whatever reason. No idea why people try to start stuff like that when all someone has to do is watch it to prove them wrong. >>127202 She drops f-bombs like it's her job - which, I guess, it is. lol She's definitely a little foul-mouthed in the movie. Someone over on our discord server found or made a ripped copy, but I have no idea if I'm allowed to post the link on this server. Can a mod reply to this to let me know if gofile links are allowed? Obviously, I'm not going to post the discord link for the same reason.
>>127215 I saw that comment/rumor on picturepub. That user has a history of believing random stuff in the internet and was probably just reposting some random shitpost he believed. He also mentioned that franny said that she was willing to go nude in an interview, but I haven't seen any interview where she said that. I think you're fine posting a link as long as you're not posting the movie directly here
>>127218 That's where I heard the rumor came from too. There was never an interview with Franny where she said anything like that. lol The people over on the discord server pore over everything Franny does or says and they would've mentioned it if she had. OK, here's the link. Mods, please remove if this isn't allowed. https://gofile.io/d/UHN1tS
(110.55 KB 1080x1346 419540286_11[...].jpg)
I can't take it anymore...we need a petition for her to start an OF or something
>>127219 Is this the whole movie? Too big, we just want screencaps.
>>127219 Thanks you ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
(11.25 MB 776x1016 Last Night at Te[...].mp4)
(213.77 KB 1200x1600 frannster.jpg)
>>127219 thx breh
(514.91 KB 1125x2000 419520998_10[...].jpg)
>>127393 bosoms be heaving
(78.54 KB 750x733 8d2cf08eb03e66e2[...].jpg)
>>127394 quella pizza sembra deliziosa
(580.85 KB 2500x1600 Untitled.jpg)
(10.99 MB 1188x1258 franny (1).mp4)
(13.60 MB 1412x990 franny (2).mp4)
(8.96 MB 876x1016 franny (3).mp4)
(4.24 MB 770x886 franny (4).mp4)
>>124685 Looking at the caps and clips from the movie, I couldn't agree more with this poster. Yeah, obviously the knockers are the main attraction, but she's got great proportions. Franny has fantastic legs, especially for a shortstack, and her midriff is sexy as hell. I'm sure a lot of it is genetics, but I'd be interested to know what her fitness routine is like. Plus I wouldn't mind watching her get all sweaty and breathing heavy while she's in tight workout gear.
(89.69 KB 736x736 05753c70a8dd0010[...].jpg)
(2.68 MB 3767x2118 francesca-capald[...].jpg)
>>127416 She has a very unique body, but knockers aside my fave thing about her has always been her hair
>>127218 Granpamax is a fucking retard. There are a few losers like him on picturepub, I've had them on my ignore list for ages, always shitting threads up with stupid bullshit.
>>127422 I looked at his post, i think he was joking.
>>127414 Is it my imagination or did anyone else detect any sexual tension between Fran's character and the other girl?
>>128093 That was the point in the movie that they downplayed for some dumb reason. Franny wanted to date the other girl who was clueless about it. That's why she was pissed that the other two dudes showed up. She was hoping it was a 'date' date between them.
>>128093 lol how dense are you? That was plot B of the movie
>>128120 What's with the hate and insults guys? Peace, this isn't 4chan.


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