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Music Thread! tick-tocker 06/02/2018 (Sat) 18:06:14 No. 5
Post and talk about tunes, bops, and maaaybe some ditties
>>895 It's all semantics - I always thought the whole obsession with genres, subgenres, microgenres, and the like was a bit ridiculous and/or pointless to bicker over, but I suppose it's useful sometimes to describe a band's music (even if it's hard to shoehorn a band's music or albums into neat, little singular genres. But in essence, the way I see it is: "Hard rock" is more what some of the later bands in the latter part of the 60s were moving into, with fuzz guitars and a more aggressive sound. It's the precursor to "Heavy Metal" in a sense. "Heavy Metal" is what bands were getting into in the 70s proper (although there were inklings of its origins in the late 60s with bands like Blue Cheer (whose 1968 album Vincebus Eruptum is quite good) and, of course, most famously Black Sabbath (who formed in the late 60s and recorded their debut in '69 despite it not being released until 1970) The big distinction between hard rock and metal, in my eyes at least, has always been that hard rock is generally more blues-based, like all rock before it, with song structures often based around the 12-bar structure and using pentatonic and blues scales for their guitar solos. Metal, on the other hand, eventually moved into more of a classically-influenced style, with a lot of the guitar work using the full minor scale, and often even harmonic minor, giving it a darker, more complex sound. You have some bands like Deep Purple who bridged the two a little bit, with their guitar player Ritchie Blackmore being influenced by blues playing as well as classical (and medieval music, which utilized modes). I would consider The Stones pretty heavy for their time and were the heaviest of that whole group, definitely heavier than their contemporaries like the Beatles, the Kinks, the Who (although the latter especially could be heavy). The 60s early on had "Garage Rock" which was pretty heavy, imo, and there are a lot of 60s band I would even describe as proto-punk, such as The Doors. Psychedelic artists like Iron Butterfly and Jimi Hendrix could certainly be heavy, also. I think a lot of people (well, normies) associate psychedelic rock with the heavy psych sound - I know I certainly did before I really got into the more experimental stuff Boston are different. I think of them more of a 70s band. They certainly aren't heavy like the Stones. I like them, their first three albums are solid and very good, but they're pretty soft (though they had some rockin' numbers like Smokin'). Some of their stuff like Amanda, while good, is more reminiscent of songs by Toto, imo. I remember years ago I had a boomer coworker I would discuss music with that liked a lot of boomer stuff like Foreigner (I too liked them in my teens), but I once asked him if he liked Toto and he essentially said that their stuff was too "pussy" or "girly" for him. How Toto were and Foreigner wasn't is a little confusing for me. Maybe I'm wrong but I think the whole "Classic Rock" moniker is a pretty recent invention. I remember even in my own life I've seen bands like Nirvana (the Kurt Cobain fronted band from the 90s, not the 60s band) and a lot of those 90s alternative bands of that time become classified as "classic rock". It's not a very meaningful term, imo. I think there is a big distinction between a lot of the more creative 60s and early 70s stuff, compared to the later 70s arena rock shite, which /mu/ has lovingly termed "dad rock". Some of it's good, I suppose, but a lot of it is eh. A lot of the "mom rock" like Fleetwood Mac are great though bbb
>>896 Magical Mystery Tour is pretty cool. The song itself but the entire album. The Beatles and a lot of their contemporaries in the 60s were pretty good with sequencing their albums. In my youth I always preferred Magical Mystery Tour to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The former definitely seemed much more psychedelic than the latter. >YouTube has broke adblock so I find myself not listening to much music lately. I can't deal with ads when listening to music, ruins the mood. Have they? I never seem to get them with the Adblock Plus on Firefox. Just listen to LPs or CDs like a real boomer Also, on the subject of The Who: I think I was kiknda talking shit about them a while back when you brought them up. They've never been my favorite, besides My Generation and the early singles, but my friend suggested that I listen to their album, The Who Sell Out again, and It's a whole lot better than I remember. The whole "concept album" thing, I can take or leave it, but a number of the songs proper are fantastic. Odorono (that heavy riff), Our Love Was, I Can't Reach You, Relax, Sunrise, Rael 2, Glittering Girl, Melancholia, to name a few (some of those might be "bonus tracks" not on the original release though). Their 2nd album (Who Sell Out is their 3rd) is pretty good too. I always preferred it before, but now I think I like their 3rd better. I also listened to the post-Morrison albums by the Doors. I'd seen their live performances with that lineup and I believe heard both their albums sans Morrison years ago, but I revisited them the other week. I always admired the effort and thought it was interesting before, and thought the same when I listened to Other Voices again, but then I put Full Circle on after... Man, that album is really quite something. The production, the sonngs, the songwriting, the experimental aspects, the political messages, every song was killer, I loved the whole thing a lot. It may be sacrilege but I think I may even like it better than some of the material on the later albums with Morrison. I watched Oliver Stone, who made the Doors biopic from the 90s with Val Kilmer and Kyle MacLachlan (who is unrecognizable as Manzarek), when he went on Joe Rogan's podcast recently but I don't think he talked about his Doors movie. He did talk about JFK, which was cool. My friend is a big Doors fan but hates their movie for some reason. I was asking him if he could recommend any good books about them as I've been getting into reading books on bands again recently during lockdown, and he suggested Ray's book "Light My Fire". I'd purchased the autobiography "Good Vibrations" by Mike Love (of the Beach Boys) a couple of years ago when it came out, but have just now gotten around to reading it and it's surprisingly good. I think it's a whole lot better than Brian Wilson's most recent autobio, "I Am Brian Wilson", which came out around the same time. A lot of people, fans of the Beach Boys, hate Mike Love with a burning passion and consider him the Antichrist, responsible for the demise of the infamous unreleased SMiLE album, but I think those claims are overblown and I view him in a much more understanding light. All of the Boys made great contributions to the band, particularly during the 1967-1973 era and then again in the later 70s, but people are obsessed with viewing Brian as the sole genius (he is a genius but the rest of the band contributed a whole lot, imo).
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBEnm32c3eA The path to God through Jesus is narrow and hard to walk.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ohzm0-PEkgY >>944 ayye bibio's what's up haven't listened to his new record save for a single or two but i've listened to a lot of his past albums loads
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdYGnAFaeHU This movie have a beautiful scene when they become baptized. I like it for that.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi_3GtQN2IA Great song. A popular song and praise to the glory of God.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKPD8jChw94 It is almost Halloween, spooky movie soon?
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s1kh_IK5eI Good for sleep Peace to you all for the new year
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDOrNeBpsKs I believe this is about lucifer. Lightning before the thunder. Dreaming of bigger things. Not a follower. He want so to be as high as God. Dreaming about being a big star. Pride. As high as God, like a god, but there is only one God.
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